A blend of Korean, American and Texan cultures

A Unique and Diverse Place to Work
At Samsung Austin Semiconductor, the key to our success is our people, whose talent, creativity and dedication demonstrate
why our “Made in Austin” products are some of the best in the world. We focus on attracting the best talent and offer a corporate culture
in which every person can excel. Our culture centers on our strong determination for growth, creating a sense of community for our employees,
promoting innovation and serving as a good corporate citizen.
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Be an Innovator, Make an Impact Witness your ideas come to life in new products and solutions that shape the future

Our "Made in Austin" Mission

As one of the world’s most advanced semiconductor fabrication facilities, we want to make sure everything “Made in Austin” meets those standards. That’s why we have our own local mission: Be the customers’ first choice in foundry by providing high-quality products with on-time delivery. Our cultural strength drives innovation, accountability and transparent processes to enable customer success.

Our Values

Created by employees, Samsung Austin Semiconductor’s values are at the center of everything we do

  • Safety
    Ensure that safety is our number one priority
  • Quality
    Demonstrate a relentless quest for perfection
  • Family
    Care for each other and the community
  • Customer
    Understand customer needs and exceed their expectations
  • Teamwork
    Together we can achieve more
  • Learning
    Everyone teaches, everyone learns
  • Integrity
    Be ethical and transparent
  • Accountability
    Take personal responsibility for your actions
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