Sharing our prosperity and opportunity with people in every community

Empowering Communities by Leveraging Our Capabilities
While our environmental footprint is a clear responsibility for a company our size, we are also concerned about our social impacts.
We understand our responsibility to provide good jobs, keep workers safe, encourage acceptance and belonging within a diverse workforce,
and the importance of giving back to the local community.

Empowering Communities Education, employment and engaged employees are vital to the greater Austin community

Investing in Our Community

Samsung Austin Semiconductor understands the importance and value of providing quality educational initiatives to our local communities. We are focused on innovative programs in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education to students from the surrounding areas.

We also are focused on recruiting, hiring and training a skilled workforce who can contribute to the company and to our community.

We are proud that our employees continue to give back through thousands of hours of volunteering through our educational initiatives with Manor Independent School District and dozens of other schools and charities. In addition, our employees are also generous to local charities through a financial contribution and employer match.

Our Community Engagement Efforts

Samsung Austin Semiconductor wants to make a positive impact on our local community. Our corporate citizenship efforts include the following:

  Employee engagement: Our employees are passionate about serving the community and do so through our Samsung Gives programs.
  Volunteer Time Off: Employees share their expertise and provide support to non-profit organizations through our volunteer time off policy provides employees up to 16 hours to volunteer in the community.
  Community Service & Team Building: Many employees volunteer in teams or leverage a community service activity as part of building trust and communications.
  Employee Giving: Employees can provide financial support to any qualified charity of their choice. Charities who want to be included as an option should verify whether your organization is available for donations by visiting:
  Employee Matching: Employees can get a financial gift to a qualified charity matched up to $1,000.
  Philanthropy: Samsung Austin Semiconductor invests in programs that focus on education, youth development, STEM, workforce development and the environment. The annual selection process is by invitation only.


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