Creating shared value for our employees and our community

A Community Partner for Today and Tomorrow
Samsung Austin Semiconductor understands that “people” are more than our employees – it’s everyone in our local community and the greater global society. We strive to create shared value for all people through creating opportunities for employment and establishing a creative environment where employees can work safely. We strive to be a valued source of good for today and tomorrow.

Workforce and Safety Providing a safe working environment for all employees, contractors and visitors

Creating a Mindset for Safety

We believe that working in a healthy and safe environment is a critical factor in our ability to produce high quality products. We recognize that a safety culture is not only a human capital and risk management need, but also a business need. That is why we continue to invest in occupational health and safety management locally and across our global operations. In 2017, one way we demonstrated our commitment to this issue was by adopting the Incident and Injury Free (IIF) approach which covers four functional domains — Personal, Cultural, Behavioral and Systems. In IIF, creating and sustaining extraordinary safety performance requires development, integration, and leadership in all four of these domains. By choosing to have safety be personal, relevant and important, safety extends beyond the workplace and into daily living. Since our “made in Austin” semiconductors are state of the art, it is natural that we should have a state of the art occupational health and safety management system as well.

Our Investment in Creating Jobs

Samsung Austin Semiconductor continues to expand its influence across Central Texas by creating jobs and offering skills development training for current employees. We have shared plans to invest $1 billion in our chip manufacturing facility, which added more than 500 jobs in Austin. While making wafers is an extraordinary accomplishment, we are focused on creating more middle-class jobs. This includes looking for the best engineers and technicians, not only across the world, but primarily in Texas. Plus, we know our workforce can be invaluable in assisting non-profit organizations who can’t always afford to hire additional staff.

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  • $1 Billion
    Manufacturing facility investment

Our Commitment to Safety

Samsung Global’s goal is to create accident-free facilities by eliminating risk factors in advance prioritizing employee health and safety. SAS is committed to providing a safe working environment for all employees, contractors and visitors. Our ultimate goal is to establish a zero-accident work environment. To do this, we conduct risk evaluation based on our EHS Management System (OHSAS 18001 Certified), pursuing continuous improvement initiatives based on evaluation results. If an accident occurs, we conduct a precise safety inspection with the related department(s) to identify the fundamental cause of the accident and then make the necessary improvements to prevent the recurrence of the same or similar accident.

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