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A History of Excellence

When Samsung set out to find a home for its semiconductor manufacturing facility in the U.S., we knew that to build the chips that power Samsung's mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices, we had to find thousands of smart and hardworking people to take on this complex project. This is how Samsung ended up in Austin, Texas.

February 1996

Arrival in Austin: the first fabrication plant opens one year later

June 2007

Second fabrication unit opens to manage increased product demands

August 2017

Expansion to provide additional space for office, production and amenity needs

Celebrating 20+ years

We are one of the largest and most advanced semiconductor manufacturing facilities in the world

Proud to be "Made in Austin"

Samsung Austin Semiconductor is celebrating more than 20 years in Central Texas. Our site was mirrored after the Hwaseong semiconductor site in Korea. From a cornfield to one of the world’s best foundries, we have invested more than $17 billion and created $4 billion in economic activity for the greater Central Texas region. We’re proud that our employees and partners think of Samsung Austin Semiconductors as part of the fabric of this community. We know that our growth – and continued growth – could only happen with their support and enthusiasm. Below is a timeline of our impact in Central Texas and the semiconductor industry. We will continue to open new horizons in this digital era – where semiconductor chips smaller than a fingernail inspire the world to live better and learn better.

  • February 1996

    • Arrival in Austin, plans begin for first fabrication (Fab) unit
  • July 1997

    • Completed construction on Cu (Copper) Fab on Parmer Lanen in Austin, Texas
  • January 1998

    • Production begins on 64Kb DRAM memory chips
  • April 2006

    • Groundbreaking for second fabrication unit
  • June 2007

    • Completed construction on second fabrication unit, Main Fab, next door on Parmer Lane in Austin, Texas
  • December 2007

    • Production begins on NAND Flash technology
  • August 2009

    • Fab converts to 300mm copper process
  • June 2010

    • Investment of $3.6 billion in System LSI technology
  • June 2011

    • System LSI Mobile SOC production begins
  • August 2012

    • Transitioned out of flash memory production
  • June 2013

    • Beginning of 28nm (nanometer) production
  • January 2015

    • World’s first Fab to produce 14nm technology
  • February 2016

    • 20th anniversary in Austin
  • July 2017

    • Samsung Austin Semiconductor becomes a foundry
  • August 2017

    • Expansion opened to provide more office, production and amenity space for our growing business