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Samsung Semiconductor Incorporated, the world's largest designer and manufacturer of memory and logic semiconductors, storage and LCD panels, has built a 1.1 million square foot research and development (R&D) headquarters north of downtown San Jose. Visit the Grand Opening Ceremony Event site to learn more about the new headquarters.
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The Building
The building, designed by global architecture firm NBBJ, will be comprised of a 10-story tower, an amenity pavilion and parking garage. The design seeks to encourage interaction among staff, foster connections with the community and provide a space to attract employees in the highly competitive tech market, which is growing at a faster pace than overall employment.
The Eco-Friendly Site
The scope includes a 10-story office tower, a 7-story parking garage, a variety of employee amenities and a carefully landscaped green space linking the campus together. NBBJ architects’ design embraces the new urban design guidelines developed by the City of San Jose which call for densification, more active streetscapes, and environmental stewardship.

The long site, which runs from east to west, is divided into four zones which move from urban to garden. Starting at N. 1st there will be a “City Plaza” with stone paving, porous paving, urban water elements and large scale art elements. Surrounding this plaza, where people come from the light rail, bus and car drop off, are a café with tables and chairs spilling out, Samsung Expo to showcase the latest technology from Samsung and the entry into the Tower Courtyard.

A central campus green space unifies the whole campus much like a traditional academic campus. The tower sits on one side and the dining pavilion sits on the other side. Employees can gather, hold Samsung events, meet, eat lunch and refresh.

At the far west of the site is the Sports Garden. Here the site becomes more naturalistic and planted with lush native trees and plants. In between trees and grasses are sports courts and clearings for outdoor meetings and gatherings.

The Garage is long and thin to provide the space at grade for the amenities and a more green character.

The Tower Design
The design of the tower is called the Samsung Courtyard. Inspired by the connectivity that Samsung’s products stimulate, the design seeks to maximize communication and become a leading node in Silicon Valley for attracting and retaining the best and the brightest, thus enhancing Samsung’s brand and creative image in the US and abroad.

The tower is clad in white metal and clear glass, carefully balanced to reduce solar heat gain and provide a sense of lightness. The podium is clad in more warm terracotta hues and metals that are sympathetic to the traditional colors of San Jose and merge into the city and the landscape seamlessly.

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