Editor’s note: We’ll keep this page up-to-date with notes, thoughts, and photos from the event. 25 May – Added the results of the Startup Pitch Contest. 24 May – Added notes from Luc Julia’s panel discussion below.

Update 3 – Startup Pitch Contest results

vivatech pitch contest teams photo
Samsung Pitch Contest competitors take a bow with the judges

We enjoyed an energetic pitch contest this afternoon at VivaTech! The teams covered a variety of subtopics within AI, and all the pitches were impressive.

And the winner is Diabeloop S.A! Diabeloop is building an artificial pancreas to address the complicated and error-prone treatment of type 1 diabetes. Their device uses three components to reproduce the functions of the pancreas: a blood glucose sensor, an insulin pump, and a complex algorithm that determines the optimal dose of insulin to provide. Data is sent in parallel to a follow-up service to improve treatment over the long term.

As winners of the competition, Diabeloop will have the opportunity to collaborate with us on a proof-of-concept project.

nicolas autret and olivier sancier
Nicolas Autret on the Pitch A stage

The other competitors included:

All the competitors were inspiring, with impressive, well-thought out products and ideas. From wellness robots to tools to improve manufacturing efficiency and doctor-patient relationships, they all showed innovative uses of AI to make the world a better place. We wish them all the best of luck.

Our new SSIC Paris office will be opening soon, so keep an eye on this site for job listings!

Update 2 – Startup Pitch Contest

If you’re attending VivaTech, be sure to join us for our Startup Pitch Contest, 25 May on the Pitch A stage, from 11:30 – 13:00. See below for a list of the companies who will be pitching. We’re looking forward to hearing what they have to say!

Update 1 – Panel discussion: “The Leading Edge of Artificial Intelligence”

Natasha Lomas, senior reporter at TechCrunch, led the discussion with Samsung Vice President of Innovation Luc Julia and AnotherBrain CEO Bruno Maisonnier. The conversation focused on what constitutes AI, whether we should we be worried about it, and how we should approach the future.

luc julia at vivatech with bruno maisonnier and natasha lomasLuc emphasized that currently, although we have machine learning and neural networks, there really isn’t anything that could approach a thinking, innovative artificial intelligence. That technology he estimated to still be at least 30 years away. He also noted that people throw around the word “intelligence” without really understanding what that means in machine terms.

Luc does worry about an “AI winter” (where investment dries up) because there are a lot fear-mongers telling us that AI will eventually turn on us, that it needs to be heavily regulated, or that it is just downright dangerous. This can scare off investors and innovators.

So should we fear AI? Luc believes the machines will only do us harm if we tell them to. This led to his observation that right now, a lot of AI is just math, and that the field won’t take off until it becomes much more multi-modal and multi-disciplinary. They spend a lot of time discussing the applications of AI to biology, but also emphasized that it’s not just the sciences as we’re starting to see now – how about philosophy or history? We need more such thinkers to get out of their comfort zones, and look at the world with an eye toward how AI could look and what it could do for their fields and for humanity.

luc julia and bruno maisonnier at vivatechWhen asked about regulation, Luc and Bruno were of the opinion that it should not regulated at this stage – that’s not the way to let the technology grow. You regulate once it’s needed, not preemptively. What’s more important is to educate the public on what AI is, what it can do, and how it can improve lives.

Finally, the floor was opened for questions. One question that was asked whether technology will make us smarter or dumber. Luc said it’s all up to us – tech can help us with things that aren’t so fun, like remembering phone numbers and other trivial things that are necessary. With that cleared from our plate, we can focus on more advanced and fun things!


Original post

VivaTech is finally upon us! We’re excited to be in Paris for this event, 24-26 May, and have a busy three days ahead.

Billing itself as “The world’s rendezvous for startups and leaders,” VivaTech brings together VCs, executives, startups, and academia for 3 days in Paris. Representatives of Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center and Samsung Catalyst Fund, including Katia Almasque, David (Dede) Goldschmidt, Nicolas Autret, and Luc Julia will be participating in the event.

First – AI is here, changing our lives in subtle ways, mostly going unnoticed. Yet the field is still in its infancy. Big questions loom: How far can we go? And how far should we go? Natasha Lomas, senior reporter at TechCrunch, will be leading a discussion panel on “The Leading Edge of Artificial Intelligence,” featuring Samsung Vice President of Innovation Luc Julia and AnotherBrain CEO Bruno Maisonnier. You’ll find them on Stage-X, 24 May at 14:20.

Samsung is also sponsoring an AI startup pitch challenge. Entries are now closed, but we invite you to join us for the pitch presentations, 25 May on the Pitch A stage, from 11:30 – 13:00. Startups selected to pitch at the competition are:

We’re looking forward to a lively discussion on such diverse topics as medical AI, global data exchanges, and wellness robotics.

We hope to see you in Paris. If you see a Samsung Catalyst Fund or Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center badge, please introduce yourself!