Autonomous Mobility

The Samsung DRVLINE initiative is about creating a safer, smarter, and more mobile future. We will accomplish this through innovations in machine vision, automated mobility, high-performance computing and connectivity, automotive-grade safety, and security—all within an open architecture framework.
We created the DRVLINE initiative to find and develop groundbreaking new products, and bring them to market with best-in-class technologies from Samsung and its ecosystem of partners. To support this effort, we’ll pursue promising new investments through the Samsung Automotive Innovation Fund, and work with partners across a spectrum of technological areas.

Safer Mobility

With road injuries among the top 10 causes of deaths worldwide, game-changing innovations are needed to support the future of transportation and mobility. We are driven to bring safe autonomous technology and enhanced connectivity, with the ultimate goal of creating a superior in-vehicle experience and providing safe mobility for all.

The DRVLINE team is empowered to deploy the breadth of Samsung technologies through development, investment, and partnerships worldwide. Created and nurtured by the Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center, the DRVLINE team has now joined Samsung Device Solutions.

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