At Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center, we drive global innovation for Samsung in diverse fields such as artificial intelligence, digital health, the Internet of Things, autonomous mobility, data center infrastructure, security, privacy and more.

We accelerate Samsung’s entry into new business areas through research and innovation and by creating new opportunities through mergers and acquisitions. And we invest strategically in companies who are as committed to solving big problems as we are.

Innovation Areas:

  • Digital Health

    We envision a future where all people have a holistic view of their health, empowering them to actively approach their overall wellness. Our efforts began in 2013 with Simband™, an open platform for sensor and algorithm development to help researchers track and understand people’s health through wearable technology.

    Today, we continue to evolve this platform to make it accessible to a wider population and help the brightest minds address society’s biggest healthcare challenges. The healthcare industry is ready for disruption, and Samsung will be at the forefront of the movement.

    Digital Health
  • Autonomous Mobility

    Samsung’s effort in autonomous mobility is about creating a safer, smarter, and more mobile future. We will accomplish this through innovations in machine vision, automated mobility, high-performance computing and connectivity. To support this effort, we are pursuing promising new investments and working with partners across a spectrum of technological areas.

    From robots and drones to automated cars and delivery vehicles, the world of autonomous machines is just getting started. To find out more about some of the latest innovations and thinking in this area, check out the video below from Samsung Forum.

    Autonomous Mobility
  • Artificial Intelligence

    While there are many views on Artificial Intelligence (AI), ours is that AI will be a catalyst for enormous, positive change in the world. We see the future of AI as multi-modal, taking advantage of the current explosion of diverse data to create broad and beneficial tools for the global good.

    AI and machine learning touch all parts of the Samsung ecosystem. Our passion is to push the state of the art to make the technology more accessible and more useful day-to-day. In his keynote speech at Web Summit 2018, Young Sohn, President and CSO of Samsung Electronics, outlined the huge opportunities that AI presents for global entrepreneurs.

    Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Infrastructure

    Our data infrastructure initiative is designing new data center architectures to enable the explosive growth in compute, network and storage capabilities required to make real-time decisions. Building on Samsung's robust semiconductor portfolio, our team is developing new reference designs and platforms comprising hardware, software, and interconnect technology, all built around open standards.

    Working across business units and innovation areas, we are redefining the boundaries of data center technology to create new solutions for the growing data economy of the 21st century. If you’re interested in cutting-edge technologies, check out the latest talks from Samsung Forum.

    Data Infrastructure
  • Internet of Things

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way we engage with the world. From smart cities to industrial manufacturing to our own homes, our devices are becoming more connected every day. These new connections can be used to dramatically improve lives. So Samsung is leveraging the technology it knows well – mobile, semiconductors, security – to build intelligent platforms for IoT.

    Around the world, forward-thinking cities are starting to embrace technological innovations that are leading to dramatic changes in housing, transportation, safety, security, and services. Find out more about what the City of San Jose, California is doing to become a smart city.

    Internet of Things
  • Security and Privacy

    Every day, we read news of hacks, attacks, phishing, and data theft — so it’s imperative that security be the first priority for businesses and consumers alike. We know the promise of ubiquitous connectivity will only be achieved when customers are confident that they and their data will not be exposed.

    To that end, Samsung Electronics has recently backed Verimi’s state of the art secure, single sign-on, and payment platform. Verimi puts people in control of their personal data by providing them with an identity solution that seamlessly integrates with their digital lives.

    Security and Privacy