As an engineering-driven company, Samsung is always looking to help nurture and develop future generations of engineers. University student internships are a great way for us to work with undergrads and grad students and help them develop valuable skills. And we focus extensively on giving our new-graduate hires ongoing training to help them excel.

This year SSIC was proud to extend our effort a little further by supporting the 2018 BeaverWorks Summer Institute. This program brought 200 talented high school students to the MIT campus for a free residential program led by staff and professors from MIT and the MIT Lincoln Lab. In these intense 4 weeks of hands-on computer science and engineering the students tackled projects such as:

A student follows his autonomous RACECAR through the track at Beaverworks Summer Institute Demo Day.
  • Autonomous race car
  • Autonomous UAV
  • UAV – radar guidance
  • 3D printing
  • Data science for health and medicine
  • Autonomous cognitive assistant
  • Embedded security and hardware hacking
  • Build a CubeSat

Many of these programs are directly related to the SSIC Innovation Areas such as AI, Autonomous Mobility, Digital Health, and IoT. We’re excited that these talented students are starting to build the necessary skills to create amazing future technologies.

SSIC University Relations joined the BeaverWorks Summer Institute Demo Day at the end of the program to meet the students and see the results of their work. View local TV coverage of the Demo Day here.

Prize statuettes at Beaverworks Summer Institute Demo Day.