Samsung believes strongly in the health and fitness of our employees. Our commitment to employee health has demonstrated strongly ever since the new Samsung@First building opened in 2015 – the entire 5th floor of our South Tower is a dedicated gym space, with free membership for employees.

The 12,000 square foot gym contains top-of-the-line cardio and functional training equipment, ping pong tables, and even a putting green on the garden terrace outside. (The indoor gym is complemented by outdoor exercise facilities, but that’s another post.)

The gym staff provides employees with free health consultations that include height, weight, circumference measurements, body fat percentage and a biomechanics screen to assess for muscle dysfunction. The gym staff also includes a Registered Dietitian who can assist employees in nutrition counseling, meal planning and disease management.

Employees can choose from a variety of group exercise classes held every morning, afternoon and evening. The group exercise classes are free and range from lower intensity barre and yoga to higher intensity boot camp and kickboxing for those who believe in “no pain, no gain!”

For a nominal fee employees can also sign up for personal training or group training with their friends.

To keep track of workout duration and intensity and provide for a bit of friendly competition, employees can purchase MyZone heart rate monitors, and hook them up to the displays mounted around the gym.

Whether before, during, or after work, there’s nothing quite like a good workout to revive you and get you ready for whatever’s coming next, and the Samsung@First gym and staff is here help employees get and stay in shape!