Joe Madden covers the economics of 5G and key business case analysis to show which applications will really drive the investment in 5G and its eventual use. Mobile Experts tracks the traffic density of multiple operators worldwide, to illustrate how new technologies are deployed in mobile networks as the density increases. His presentation compares VR/AR applications, IoT applications, and mobile video as drivers for the 5G future.

About the Speaker

Joe Madden is founder and Principal Analyst at Mobile Experts Inc. Mr. Madden focuses on 5G and IoT vertical markets, leading a team of 6 analysts to triangulate on accurate market forecasts. More than 200 OEMs and semiconductor suppliers rely on research from Mobile Experts, including almost every semiconductor supplier in mobile radio. Ideas are validated with mobile and cable operators, as well as hardware suppliers to find the match between business models and technology. Over more than 28 years in mobile communications, Joe has accurately predicted the rise of 5G Fixed Wireless, Small Cells, and Remote Radio Heads. Joe holds a Physics degree from UCLA. Despite learning about economics at Stanford, he still obeys the laws of physics.