As we move into a world with increased environmental challenges, the shape of our ecosystem is rapidly evolving. With the convergence of environmental pressuring needs, technology maturation and global sustainable consciousness, we see the emergence of a strong Green technology sector. Helene Thibieroz highlights Green Technology growth, market trends and amazing innovation.

About the Speaker

Helene Thibieroz is a technologist and business entrepreneur who thrives on solving complex puzzles unifying technology, business and environment. With a PhD in Electrical Engineering, her 20+ year work experience combines advanced research for deep sub-micron processes, engineering for leading high-tech companies, and marketing, sales and business development for large technology corporations.

Because she loves technology and strongly believe it can be successfully applied to create practical solutions to our environmental problems, she created the management consulting firm We Grow Green Tech. She is currently a senior managing partner there focusing on accelerating growth of green technology early-stage companies.