Soraya Fouladi believes a child’s situation at birth should not determine their future. And she’s doing something about it.

Barriers to entry for quality childhood education are high in disaster- and conflict-affected regions,  due to lack of access to classrooms, lack of quality and quantity of teachers, lack of access to electricity, and so forth.

Pairing technological advancements with innovations in education, Soraya Fouladi, Founder and CEO of Jara, wants to make sure every child receives a quality education regardless of their socio-economic situation. Backed by 7 years of research, and working alongside people in vulnerable communities, they have created a solution that will help children in challenging situations realize their potential.

About the Speaker

Soraya Fouladi is the Founder and CEO of Jara, an organization scaling quality education to refugee camps and low-resource or disaster-affected communities through their technology.

After attending the United Nations school to gain a global education, she studied electrical engineering to understand how to build what is now the Jara Unit, and where she also designed and manufactured products from prosthetics to wearables.

Soraya gained experience in designing and implementing systems and programs through writing curriculum for K-12 robotics, directing the largest technology-education camp (500 campers and 60 staff members) at Stanford, creating a fundraiser for disaster relief called Jamming-for-Relief, and designing and implementing effective systems as Supervisor for an electrical engineering innovation laboratory.

Soraya was also a business management consultant for a government technology commercialization organization that had 72 portfolio companies.

Her technical capabilities, along with her leadership and management experience, paired with her commitment to Jara’s mission, ensures that Soraya and her team will see Jara make its maximum impact.

Contact Soraya at soraya@joinjara.com.