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December 03, 2020

How to Become a Confident Communicator in the New Normal

In this rapid-learning session you will learn 3 fundamental strategies that will help you to be more confident and effective when leading meetings, craft and give persuasive presentations to strangers, and help you to avoid boring and losing your audience through endless and uninspiring data-heavy presentations.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn how to design and craft presentations so you are more likely to persuade your audience to act on the specific outcome you want
  • Learn 3 fundamental communication skills that will get your audiences to better understand, remember, and act on your message
  • Come across comfortable, confident, and authentic… and maybe even humorous!

John Godoy

John Godoy is an authority on how professionals create the communication and lifestyle habits required to excel and find happiness in today’s demanding world. He is the founder of a coaching and training company built on his philosophy and belief that a great deal of an individual’s personal and professional success, opportunity, and happiness arises from the self-confidence and capabilities that are developed through the disciplined pursuit of high levels of physical energy, and the consistent honing of the skills necessary to communicate effectively and fearlessly to acquaintances and strangers alike.

Commanding corporate, STEM-centric, and entrepreneur audiences, Godoy has spoken to audiences both live and virtually on 6 continents and 12 countries. John Godoy’s presentations benefit from over two decades of experience working on 3 continents in a host of personal development related careers in sports and fitness, professional speaking, and entrepreneurship. Godoy’s award winning fitness invention Sitflow, designed to make prolonged sitting less damaging to the body – has been viewed on viral social media over 50 million times, and featured in publications from Fast Company, Inc, and British Vogue.

A Canadian native and graduate of Queen’s University, Godoy holds a degree in economics, is a graduate of the famous second city improv training center improv program, and is a coach at Hall of Fame Speaker Mikki Williams executive Speaker School. He has received numerous academic and athletic awards as a 2-sport collegiate athlete, and is a 2017 recipient of the international NEOCON exhibition Gold award for best in class product. John has completed multiple ultra-endurance races from Ironman France to the Hallucination 100 km, is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor in Chicago, and speaks 3 languages.