Autonomous (or automated) driving will definitively change the design of cars. In this talk, Professor Karlheinz Blankenbach discusses how this will change the nature of the car interior as drivers and passengers spend more time using displays for work, leisure and fun.

More and better automotive displays will be a consequence, HMIs will evolve from functional to emotional user experience. AR-Head-Up displays will raise trust in autonomous driving mode by pinpointing detected objects. Interior lighting changes will include simple scenarios to orchestrated lighting effects. Exterior icon-like displays will inform pedestrians and following vehicles what the car is doing.

About the Speaker

Karlheinz Blankenbach graduated in physics at the University of Ulm, Germany, where he also received his PhD in 1988. Until 1995, he was with AEG-MIS, Germany, developing display electronics, LCDs, and software. A highlight was a 3D helmet mounted monitor for stereo endoscopy founded by BMBF.

Karlheinz was appointed in 1995 as full professor at Pforzheim University, Germany, launching the University’s Display Lab. His main R&D activities are on display metrology (mainly automotive) and display systems as well as display hardware and software resulting in many talks, papers, and projects (governmental and industrial funded). Karlheinz is member of the SID subcommittee “ Automotive/Vehicular Displays and HMI Technologies.” He serves chairman of in the DFF (German Flat Panel Forum) and the electronic displays Conference.