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Samsung regularly hosts global leaders and experts to share insights about their cutting edge research and unique experiences. Recordings of these sessions, which happen either at our San Jose campus or now virtually, are shared below. Watch these recordings and learn about trends and cutting edge technology that stand to make a big impact on our future.

November 14, 2019

Internet Futures: Multi-Device Augmented Reality

In 2015, Dr. White gave a talk at Samsung on Multi-Device Augmented Reality. Since then the available devices and technologies have been rapidly changing. In addition, the devices for experiencing mixed reality are becoming more directly connected across the Internet and modalities for interaction such as Speech have progressed. This creates new opportunities for interaction as well as new challenges in areas such as privacy and security. In this talk, he will provide an update on some of those challenges and opportunities as the space has evolved as well as the implications for future work across the ecosystem.

Dr. Sean White

Sean White


Dr. Sean White is Chief R&D Officer at Mozilla. He leads efforts for the next generation of Mozilla products and technologies including programs in mixed reality, speech/machine learning, IoT, codecs, programming languages and foundational technologies on the web. He has global operational responsibilities for R&D as well as developer programs and outreach. These efforts drive impact through a range of activities including developing new languages like Rust, all the way through shipping experimental products and novel interaction paradigms like Firefox Reality. Previously, he cofounded BrightSky Labs, a company he incubated while an EIR at Greylock Partners. Before Greylock Partners, Dr. White founded and built the Interaction Ecologies Group at Nokia, leading multiple innovative efforts in new mobile forms and experiences. Sean earned his B.S. and M.S. in CS from Stanford University and his MS in ME and Ph.D. in CS from Columbia University.