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Samsung regularly hosts global leaders and experts to share insights about their cutting edge research and unique experiences. Recordings of these sessions, which happen either at our San Jose campus or now virtually, are shared below. Watch these recordings and learn about trends and cutting edge technology that stand to make a big impact on our future.

October 29, 2020

Storage for Generation Scale-Out

Big Data and now machine learning have brought traditional HPC (high performance computing) to the enterprise and developers and data scientists have embraced Google-style scale-out with sharded NoSQL databases and Microservices. Storage, however, has not kept up and is stuck with 25-year old protocols and a hardware centric approach. Often, storage is now seen as an inhibitor of progress and projects – it’s the last dinosaur in the data center. Quobyte brings a 100% software-only approach to storage with unlimited scale-out, helping IT organizations and users to match the storage requirements of their new scale-out workloads.

Björn Kolbeck

Before taking over the helm at Quobyte, Björn spent time at Google as tech lead for the hotel finder project (2011–2013). Prior to Google, he was the lead developer for the open-source file system XtreemFS (2006–2011). Björn’s PhD thesis was on fault-tolerant replication.