The SSIC University Relations team and the Samsung Austin R&D Center (SARC) co-hosted the Third Annual Samsung Austin Tech Forum on October 17th.

The full-day event, was titled “Machine Learning – From Enabling Hardware to  Neural Nets to Neural Interpretation”, and it featured five invited speakers plus 14 graduate students presenting their recent work in computer science and engineering. The speakers covered a range of topics in machine learning from core algorithm development to applications to a higher-level understanding of learning itself. 

Some highlights:

  • Keynote speaker Phillip Alvelda ( gave an overview of the rapid progress in the field of the brain-computer interface. In his former role as a DARPA program manager, and now as the founder of his own company, Dr. Alvelda is helping the neuro-engineering community create a common code and language for the next generation of AI and brain-interface systems.
  • Professor Kristen Grauman (UT-Austin CS Department) discussed the challenges of “automatic cinematography — training the computer to understand what’s worthy of capture in 360° video and how to frame it for standard viewing. Professor Grauman also described a deep active recognition system that explores within a scene and figures out where to look next.
  • A group of graduate students from UT-Austin, Rice University, University of Houston, UT-San Antonio, Texas A&M University, and Boston University gave lightning talks and also presented posters to the Forum participants.

We thank everyone who participated in this event. It was a great opportunity for Samsung engineers and executives to get up to speed on some very exciting research in the academic and startup arenas. We look forward to many more such forums!