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Change the Wallpaper on Your Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0)

Changing the Wallpaper

Using animated Live Wallpapers can deplete your battery faster than image wallpapers.

Choose what you see on the Home screen (behind your shortcuts and widgets) while powering on/off the mobile device, and when in standby mode.

From the Home screen, touch and hold an empty area until the Home screen edit menu shows up.

  1. Touch Home screen, Lock screen, or Home and lock screens.
  2. Touch one of the following options:
    • Gallery: Select a wallpaper from pictures you have taken with your camera or uploaded to your device.
    • Live wallpapers: Select an animated wallpaper (not available if Lock screen is selected).
    • Wallpapers: Select from many still-life preloaded and downloaded wallpapers.

  3. Select a wallpaper and touch Save or Set wallpaper.