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Does My HW-F850 Sound Bar Support NFC?

Your Samsung Sound bar supports NFC (Near Field Communication) which allows you to connect a compatible NFC device and output its audio through the Sound bar. NFC works by enabling the Bluetooth function on both devices, automatically connecting both devices, and then disconnecting.

You will need:

  • NFC compatible device running Android OS 4.1.2 Jellybean and above

Connect external device to your Soundbar via NFC

Follow the steps below to connect an external device to your Sound bar via NFC.

  1. Turn on the NFC function on the device and make sure the screen lock function on the device is off.



  2. Locate the NFC logo on the front of the Sound bar and then gently touch the NFC logo with the NFC supported device. Do not slide up and down.



  3. A prompt appears on the external device to confirm pairing. Select Yes. When the connection is complete, a 'connected' message appears on the external device.



    • To disconnect the NFC device gently touch the NFC logo on the front of the Sound bar again or disable your Bluetooth setting on your external device.


    • To connect another NFC device while the first device is still connected, touch the external device to the NFC logo on the front of the Sound bar. The Sound bar will then disconnect the first device and connect the second one.

NFC external device does not connet

If the NFC feature is enabled on your external device but it is not connecting to the Sound bar, che

  1. Be sure the Sound bar is powered on.


  2. Be sure that your device does is not using a thick case which can prevent connection.


  3. Be sure you are touching the NFC logo on the Sound bar with the NFC tag on the back of the external device. Below is an image of popular devices with NFC, notice the location (in red) of the NFC tag. Remove not to slide the device up and down, touch the back of it to the NFC logo on the Sound bar.



  4. If the steps above do not work, check your Bluetooth settings. Are you able to connect your external device to other Bluetooth devices?
    • If you cannot connect your external devices to other Bluetooth devices, your external device will require service.


    • If you are able to connect your external device to other Bluetooth devices, check if your Sound bar can connect to other Bluetooth devices.


      • If your Sound bar cannot complete a Bluetooth connection, the Sound bar requires service.

General Notes

  • NFC pairing may not be successful if you do not place your NFC device on the Sound bar correctly. If you seen an 'Empty Tag' error message on the external device, you must gently touch the NFC logo on the Sound bar again, and make sure you are matching the NFC location on your device.


  • The NFC function is built into Android devices running Android OS 4.1.2 Jellybean and above, these devices come with an NFC tag to run the NFC function. If you are not sure if your device supports NFC check the accompanying literature included with your device.


  • The position of the NFC antenna differs on devices, check where the NFC antenna is located before connecting.


  • If your device is covered with a thick case, the connection may not work.


  • The NFC logo is a trademark or registered trademark of NFC Forum, INC. in the United States and in other countries.

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