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Does My MX-FS8000 Support Bluetooth?

You will need:

  • Compatible Bluetooth device with Bluetooth function enabled
  • Giga sound system remote or access to the front panel

Pair Bluetooth Device to Giga Sound System

To pair your Bluetooth device to the Giga sound system follow the steps below.

  1. Power on the Giga sound system and then press the CD/Bluetooth button on the remote or front panel. If the display reads CD, press the CD/Bluetooth button again so the front display reads Bluetooth.


  2. The Giga sound system display will then change to 'Wait' for a few seconds followed by 'Ready'.


    • The Giga sound system will remain in ready mode for 25 minutes.

  3. On your Bluetooth device go to the Bluetooth menu and search for Bluetooth devices.


  4. Select the Hi-Fi 045C28 model that appears.



    • If the Giga sound system is not listed, check the front display of the system and be sure 'Ready' is displayed. If it is not, press the CD/Bluetooth button until Bluetooth > Wait > Ready displays, and scan again.

  5. The Bluetooth device will then display 'Pairing' followed by 'Connected'. The front display of the Giga sound system will display 'Connected' and may display the model or name of the Bluetooth device. The pairing process can take up to a minute.



  6. Open your music folder or App, and play a track to confirm setup. You can adjust the volume by using either the volume controls on the paired device, or on the Giga sound system remote or front panel.



    • When the Giga sound system is powered off the pairing is disconnected. The pairing will not be restored automatically, you will have to pair the Bluetooth device again. For more usage and compatibility see below.

Bluetooth Usage & Compatibility

  • When the Giga sound system is powered off the pairing is disconnected, the pairing will not be restored automatically, you must pair your Bluetooth device again.


  • The Giga sound system supports Middle Quality SBC data (up to 237kbps@48kHZ) and does not support High Quality SBC data (328kbps@44.1kHz).


  • Only one device can be paired at a time.


  • The AVRCP profile is not supported. A2DP profile is supported.


  • Devices that only support HF (Hand Free) profiles are not supported.


  • The Bluetooth connection distance is 16.25 feet (5 meters), the greater the distance between the Giga sound system and the paired Bluetooth device, the more likely you are to experience interference and the sound quality may be degraded further by obstacles such as walls or doors.


  • The Giga sound system ready mode lasts up to 25 minutes, if no pairing is made the Giga sound system will exit ready mode.


  • The Giga sound system may not search or connect properly in the following cases:
    • If there is a strong electrical field around the Giga sound system.


    • If several Bluetooth devices are simultaneously paired with the system.


    • If the Bluetooth device is turned off, not in place, or malfunctions.


    • Devices such as microwaves, wireless LAN adapters, fluorescent lights, and gas stoves use the same frequency range as the Bluetooth device and can cause electric interference.

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