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Recording a Radio Broadcast on Your MX-FS8000?

The recording function allows you to record from a CD, a USB device, a radio broadcast, or an external source to a USB storage device such as a USB flash drive or MP3 player.

You will need:

  • An empty USB flash drive or an external USB device with storage (e.g., MP3 Player)
  • FM antenna connected and setup
  • Disconnect the MIC if one is connected
  • Giga sound system remote
  • Recording a Radio Broadcasts to a USB Drive or External Device

    Follow the steps below to record radio broadcasts to a USB flash drive or an external USB device with storage.

    1. First, connect the USB flash drive or external USB device to USB 2 REC port on the front of the system. This is the device we will be recording to.



    2. Next, press the Tuner/Aux button on the remote until FM is selected.



    3. Press the Tuning Mode button to select Pre-set or Manual stations.
      • Pre-set allows you to record from a pre-set station you have saved. Press the Tune Mode button until PRESET is displayed and then use the Tuning/Album up or down arrow buttons to select the preset station.


      • Manual allows you to search through the stations. Press the Tune mode button until MANUAL is displayed, and then use the Tuning/Album up or down arrow buttons to find a station.


      • Press the MO/ST button to switch between stereo and mono. If the reception area is poor select Mono. This will cut down on the interference for a more clear broadcast.

    4. Press the USB REC button on the remote to start recording. Tuner Recording appears on the front display and recording begins. The name of the file will scroll across the front display as Sam 0001.MP3.


    5. Press the STOP button on the remote to stop recording. The recording is automatically saved as an MP3 file. A directory labeled as 'Tuner Recording' will be created on your USB flash drive, or USB external device.

    Additional Notes

    • You cannot record audio from the radio when searching for a station or if there are no frequencies available when the product is set to Tuner mode.


    • If you disconnect the USB flash drive during a recording session the system will power off and you will be unable to delete the incomplete file that has been copied. If this occurs, connect the flash drive or external device to a PC, back up any other files you may have on it, and then reformat the flash drive/external device.


    • If the USB flash drive does not have enough memory, a 'Not Enough Memory' message displays on the front display of the system. If this occurs, connect your flash drive to a PC and back up the files it contains before performing a format on the drive. You can also attach another flash drive.


    • EQ, Repeat, and Giga Sound functions are automatically turned off and unavailable when using the recording function.


    • When recording the FAT file system, NTFS files systems are not supported.