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Creating and Editing a Video with Video Editor on Your EK-GC110 Galaxy Camera

Video Editor

Using the Video Editor application on your Samsung Galaxy Camera, you can edit and create custom video compilations right on your camera. To access the video editor application, touch Apps > Video Editor  .

  1. When you open the app, touch Create video. If this is the first video you have created with the Video Maker app, you will be taken directly to Step 2.

  2. Select the theme you want to use for this video. If you do not want to add a theme to the video, select None. A theme will add a frame around the video that will remain on the screen throughout the final product.

  3. Touch the thumbnail with the theme name to edit the title shown.    

  4. Enter the new title, and touch Done. To remove the title, touch the X on the right side of the title box.

  5. Touch Add media to select videos, photos, and audio to add to your compilation.    

  6. Touch a media thumbnail to select the media and add it to the timeline. The media will be added to the timeline at the top of the screen. Touch the media icons on the left to select different media types. Once you add videos or photos, you can also add audio that will accompany your compilation.

  7. When you are done adding media, touch Done. You will be returned to the review screen.

  8. You can adjust the audio levels by touching the timeline bar at the bottom of the screen. In our example screen above, this is the bar labeled Travel. Adjust the audio level for the Video audio, and for the Background music, if applicable, and touch OK.

  9. You can edit and clip each media item separately if editing is necessary. To edit a single media item, touch the media thumbnail to load it to the preview area, and touch the thumbnail again to open the edit screen.

  10. Touch Effects to add filter effects to the media.

  11. Touch Title to add a text title at the selected location. When editing existing video, touch and slide your finger across the preview bar to move within the video.    

  12. To clip sections of the video, touch and hold the video end marker , and slide it to the end of the desired clip. Repeat the same steps with the start marker . If you need help remembering where you want to clip the video to, touch  to set a marker on one side of the clip and a yellow line will be added. Touch Done when you are finished with the clipping.

  13. You can adjust the transition between selected media by touching. Select the desired transition from the popup menu.    

  14. When you are happy with your compilation, touch Menu  > Export, and select the movie size. Touch Menu  > Save, to save the project at the original size.

Video Editor Tips

  • When you create a project and save the file, you can return to the Video Maker application and make changes to your compilation at any time.
  • Touch Auto edit to adjust the final run time and allow your camera to make edits for you. When you use the auto edit feature, you cannot reedit the same project.
  • When you are editing a project, if you make a mistake, touch to undo the last action.
  • If you plan to share your final video compilation, use the export option and choose a smaller movie size. Many sharing services have limits on the the file size you can share.

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