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Locking Your Galaxy Camera

Screen Locks

Five different types of screen locks are available on the mobile device: two basic lock features, Swipe and Motion; and three security lock features, Pattern, PIN, and Password lock. To access the screen lock options for your device, open the Notification Panel by swiping your finger from the top of the screen to the bottom, and touch Settings > Lock screen > Screen lock.

Basic Lock Features

When you select a basic lock feature, such as Swipe or Motion (or With swipe lock option marked with a secure lock), additional features become available to you by opening Settings > Lock screen > Lock screen options.

You can modify the following settings to customize your lock screen:

  • Clock: Mark this option to show the clock on the lock screen.

  • Dual clock: Touch the slider to turn this feature on and show a dual clock when roaming outside your home city. Your device will show the time in your home city and in your current location. Touch Dual clock to select your home city.

  • Weather: Touch the slider to turn on weather. Touch Weather to select the settings your device should use when displaying weather on the lock screen. You can select the Unit of measure and define the Auto refresh settings.

  • Ripple effect: Mark this option to turn on the ripple effect on the lock screen.

  • Help text: Mark this option to show helpful tips on using the lock screen.

  • Wake up in Lock screen: Mark this option to turn on the ability to wake up your device using Samsung S Voice commands selected in the Set wake-up command menu.

  • Set wake-up command: Access the S Voice wake-up commands settings menu.

Here is a screenshot with Swipe and several of the basic lock screen features turned on:


The Swipe lock feature is great for keeping your device from opening applications while in your pocket, but it provides no additional security. Select Swipe from the Screen lock menu. When your screen is locked, touch the screen and swipe your finger in any direction to unlock your device.


The Motion lock feature is great for keeping your device from opening applications while in your pocket but does not provide any additional security. When you select Motion > OK from the Screen lock menu, you can unlock your device by touching and holding the lock screen and tilting the device toward you.


You can increase your mobile device's security by creating a screen unlock pattern (disabled by default). When it is enabled, you must draw the correct unlock pattern on the screen to unlock and regain access to your mobile device.

  1. Touch Pattern.  

  2. Read the information on the screen about Securing your device and touch Next. This screen is shown to you only the first time you create a pattern.  

  3. Draw the screen unlock pattern by connecting at least four dots in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal direction. Lift your finger from the screen when finished and touch Continue.  

  4. When prompted, draw the pattern again, and then touch Confirm.  

  5. Set a backup PIN code you can use to access your device if you forget the pattern, and touch Continue.  

  6. Enter the same PIN to confirm it, and touch OK.  


  1. Touch PIN.  

  2. Enter a numeric PIN and touch Continue.  

    A PIN must be a minimum of four digits, but no more than 16 digits.

  3. Re-enter the same numeric sequence, and touch OK.  


  1. Touch Password.   

  2. Enter an alphanumeric password, and touch Continue.   

  3. Re-enter the same alphanumeric sequence, and touch OK.   

Changing Your Screen Lock Setting

You can change the screen lock setting you have chosen at any time by returning to the screen lock menu.

  1. Open the Notification Panel by swiping your finger from the top of the screen to the bottom, and touch Menu > Settings > Lock screen > Screen lock.   

  2. Enter the requested security unlock information, and touch Next. For basic lock features, Swipe and Motion, you will not be asked for any information.   

  3. Select the security lock feature setting you wish to change and follow the steps for that feature.

Configuring Additional Screen Lock Settings

Once you enable certain screen lock features, additional screen lock settings are available in the Security settings menu.

With Swipe Lock

The With swipe lock feature will allow you to use the additional lock screen features. Mark the feature to turn the option on.

Make Pattern Visible

The Make pattern visible setting controls how the pattern screen lock feature will behave. Removing the check mark prevents the unlock pattern from displaying on the screen when you are unlocking your device. This decreases the chance that someone may see your unlocking pattern.

Lock Automatically

Select the timeout setting for your screen lock. You can choose from Immediately or up to 30 minutes.

Lock Instantly with Power Key

Mark the Lock instantly with power key option to lock your screen immediately when you press the power key.

Vibrate on Screen Tap

The Vibrate on screen tap setting enables haptic (vibration) feedback when you are unlocking your device.

Owner Information

Touch Owner information to add details to the lock screen showing how someone can contact you if your device is found.

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