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Chromebook/Chromebox Account

Your Chrome Device allows you to sign in with your Google Account or as a Guest. With your Google Account, you will be able to bring your extensions, apps, bookmarks, and personalized settings with you no matter what Chrome Device you sign into. A Guest Account allows for web access and file downloads but it won't allow extensions, install apps, or creation of bookmarks. Guest mode allows you to safely give friends access to your Chrome Device without giving them access to your personal emails and files.

The first account that is signed in on your Chrome Device is considered the Owner's Account and cannot be removed without performing a powerwash.

Guest Mode

To log in as a Guest, click on Browse as Guest found in the lower left of the login screen.



To enable Guest Browsing, follow the steps below.

  1. Click on the status area in the lower right corner and select Settings.



  2. In the Settings menu, click on Manage other users... under the Users heading.



  3. On the Users menu, check the box next to Enable Guest browsing to enable it or uncheck it to disable it.


Create a New Account

To create a new account on your Chrome Device, follow the steps below.

  1. Power on your Chrome Device. If you are currently signed in with a different account or as a Guest, click on the status area in the lower right corner and select Sign out.



  2. Once you're on the login screen, click + Add user on the lower left of the display.



  3. When prompted, enter your Google account information. If you can't sign in with your account or don't have a Google Account yet, click on Create a Google Account on the right side of the screen.



  4. Click the camera icon to take a picture with your Chromebook's built-in camera, or select a pre-defined picture. Click OK after you've chosen an account picture.


  5. Your new account has now been created successfully.

Delete an Account

These instructions will not work with the owner account (the first account created on the Chromebook). This account cannot be removed without performing a system recovery.

If you determine that you have too many accounts on your Chrome Device, you can quickly and easily delete those accounts.

Removing an account from the Chrome Device will not delete the account entirely. The information and settings of the account are still saved on the Google Cloud. However, any files stored locally on the Chrome Device will be deleted.

To remove an account, follow the instructions below.

  1. Power the Chrome Device on. If you're already signed in on another account, click on your User icon in the lower right corner and select Sign out.



  2. Once you're on the login screen, move your mouse over the account you want to delete. A down arrow will appear in the top right corner of the account box.


  3. Click on the arrow and select Remove this user from the menu.

Prevent Accounts from Logging In

Only the owner account can control login rights.

You can control the Google Account you've allowed that signed into your Chrome Device. To modify the login rights, follow the steps below.

  1. Click the status area in the lower right corner and select Settings.



  2. Click Manage other users... under Users.




  4. The Users window appears. Click on the box next to Restrict sign-in to the following users.




  5. Make sure only Users you want to allow to sign in appear in the list. If you would like to remove a User and prevent them from signing in, click on the x to the right of their name.



  6. To add login permission for an account, enter their Google Account in the add User box and press Enter.



  7. To enable or disable guest login, check or uncheck the Enable Guest browsing checkbox.


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