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How do I use the Task Manager and Recent Applications features on my Samsung Galaxy S4?

From any location in any app, you can press and hold the Home key to quickly access the Recent applications screen and a link to the Task manager.

Recent Applications

The Recent applications screen lets you quickly return to recently used apps. When you exit an app by pressing the Home key, the application is saved in its current state and remains active in the background. When you touch Back , the application closes in its current state. Both pressing the Home key and touching Back will add the application to the list.

The name of each application is displayed to the left of a large thumbnail of the application, along with the application's icon. Using your finger, you can scroll up and down through the list of recent apps. The last app used will always appear at the bottom.

Touch and hold an application in the list to Remove from list or view its App info. From the App info screen, you can clear data, clear the cache, or uninstall the app.

You can also touch and swipe any app's thumbnail to the left or right to dismiss it from the list.

Task Manager

The Task manager is a simple application that offers quick memory management. You can view and exit applications running on your device. You can uninstall applications you have downloaded. You can even free up system resources and view the amount of free space available on your device. From the Recent applications screen, touch Task manager .

Active Applications

The Active applications tab displays all of the applications running on your device. Touch End to end an application, or touch End all to end all running applications. You should save any information you might need in each application before ending the application.

Downloaded Applications

The Downloaded tab displays all of the applications downloaded and installed on your device. Information such as the amount of space an application takes up is also displayed. This tab is where you Uninstall an application from your device.

RAM Manager

The RAM tab displays the random access memory (RAM) usage. RAM is the memory location your device temporarily loads information into when executing an application or using other device functions. If the RAM status indicator is full and device response has slowed, clearing the RAM on your device will improve its performance.

Touching Clear memory will not uninstall applications from the device, but it will end certain open applications. Before touching Clear memory, make sure you save any wanted information in open applications. After you clear the RAM, some applications may take longer to open the first time you use them.

Clear Defaults

The Clear defaults tab displays all the applications you have assigned to open a file. If more than one application that can open a file resides on the device, you will be prompted to select which application to use. If you choose Always in the Complete action using prompt, you can reset the selection by touching Clear next to the application name. Default application options are also available through the Settings menu. From the Home screen, touch Menu  > Settings  > More > Default applications.


The Storage tab displays a summary of your device's system storage, used and available, and the amount of information stored on an installed microSD™ card.

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