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Galaxy Tab S - How do I use my Google Account to backup and restore my Samsung Galaxy Tab S?

Keep your personal information, app data, and settings safe on your device. You can back up your sensitive information to a backup account and access it later.

Backup via Google account

  1. From the Home page, tap Settings > General > Backup and reset.

  2. Make sure the checkbox for Back up my data is checked.

  3. Tap Backup account and select a backup account or tap Add account to add an account.

Restore via Google account

The following instructions are valid for Android 5.0 Lollipop. New tablets may or may not come updated and steps may vary.

To restore data, you must sign in to your Google account via the setup wizard. You can launch and open the setup wizard by performing a factory data reset on the device. If you do not sign in to your Google account via the setup wizard, you cannot restore the backup data.

  1. After booting, tap Start.

  2. Connect to a Wi-Fi network and tap Next.

    Internet connection is required for restoring from a backup.

  3. Review the "End User License Agreement for Samsung Software" and mark the checkbox for I understand and agree to the terms and conditions above. if you agree.

  4. Review the "Consent to Provide Diagnostic and Usage Data" and tap Yes or No thanks. Tap Next to continue.

  5. Enter your Google email address and tap Next. Then, enter your password and tap Next.

  6. Review the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and tap Accept to continue.

  7. Adjust the date and time if needed and tap Next.

  8. The following screen titled "Get your apps & data" is where you will be given the option to restore your device. Tap Restore from this backup to choose which backup you wish to use.

  9. Tap Also include to choose which apps you would like to include.

  10. Tap Next to continue.

  11. Choose which Google services to activate and tap Next to complete.

  12. The device will automatically restore the last backup.

    The instructions for restoring via Google account end here. The following steps are only for completing the setup process.

  13. Sign in or create a Samsung account. You may also tap Skip to continue. If signing in, enter your account and password and tap Next. Configure your settings for Backup and restore and tap Next once again.

  14. Sign into Dropbox or tap Skip to continue. If signing in, allow Dropbox to access files and folders to continue.

  15. Edit the device name if desired and tap Finish to complete setup.