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How do I use SideSync on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition?

Samsung SideSync lets you easily share screens, windows, and data between your phone and your tablet. For information on compatibility requirements, visit the SideSync webpage. You can also use this feature to connect your device to your computer to receive notifications, make and receive phone calls on your computer, share files from your device to your computer, and more. You can download SideSync for your computer on the SideSync webpage.

If it is not preinstalled on your device, you can download SideSync from the Galaxy Apps store. From the Home screen, touch Apps > Galaxy Apps.

Screens and settings available may vary by wireless service provider and software version.

SideSync with a Phone

  1. From the Home screen, touch Apps.

  2. Verify both devices are on the same Wi-Fi® network and that SideSync is open on both devices.

  3. Touch SideSync to open the application and begin scanning for nearby devices. 

  4. Touch the name of your tablet on the device you are syncing with.

  5. Touch OK on the tablet to allow the connection.

    Future attempts to connect devices will not require these verification steps.

  6. When the two devices connect, the phone's notifications will display. Touch Phone View to display the connected device's screen. 

  7. When mirroring your phone to a tablet, you can interact with it just as if your phone were in front of you. Touch Notification View to return to the notifications view.


While SideSync is active, the phone's screen will remain blank. To use the phone, press the Home key on the device itself. At any time, touch Switch to Tablet in SideSync to reconnect.

Touch View more to view additional options:

  • Rotate: Switch between landscape and portrait modes.

  • Capture: Capture a screenshot of the phone.

  • Presentation Mode: Control the screen from both the phone and the SideSync window.


The following options are available at the top-right corner of the phone:

  • Minimize: Minimize the SideSync application.

  • Maximize: View the phone in full-screen mode.

  • Disconnect: End the connection with the device, and close SideSync.



Move the SideSync Window

You can move the SideSync window by touching the top and dragging it to the desired location.


Edit Favorite Applications

In the notifications view, you can designate up to nine applications to add to your favorites at the top of the SideSync window. Touching any of these will switch SideSync to the screen view and open the application.

  1. Touch Add to select the applications you want to display.

  2. Mark the checkboxes next to the applications you want to add. Touch ADD when you are finished.

  3. If you have added more than five favorite applications, swipe to the left to view them all. 

  4. To delete a favorite application, touch and hold any of the favorites icons. Then touch Remove on the application you want to remove from favorites. Touch DONE when you are finished.

Copy Files

SideSync lets you drag and drop supported files between your device and the connected device. In the example below, we are copying photos from the phone's Gallery to the tablet. You can also move supported files from your tablet to your phone.

  1. With the devices connected, touch View More to view the phone's Home screen.

  2. Touch Apps.

  3. Touch Gallery and navigate to the photos you want to copy.

  4. Touch More > Edit, and then mark the checkboxes on the photos you want to copy. 

  5. Touch and hold one of the selected photos for 1–2 seconds. Drag the photo to the other screen and release it.


View Copied Files

  1. From the tablet Home screen, touch Apps.

  2. Touch My Files.

  3. Touch Device storage.

  4. Touch SideSync to view the files you copied.

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