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Galaxy Tab E - How do I Use the Smart Manager App on my Samsung Galaxy Tab E?

The Smart Manager app lets you manage your device's battery life, storage, RAM usage, and Security all in one place. You can easily access the app using the Smart Manager widget.

Add Smart Manager Widget

  1. From a Home screen, touch and hold an empty area on screen.

    Or pinch your fingers together on the screen.

  2. Touch Widgets.

  3. Swipe through screens to locate Smart Manager widget. Touch and hold the Smart Manager widget

  4. Position the widget and release it to add it to the Home screen. If there is not enough room on the current Home screen, it will be added to the next Home screen with space available.

  5. You now have easy access to the Smart Manager application through the Smart Manager widget.

Access the Smart Manager

  1. Swipe to the Home screen containing the Smart Manager widget.

  2. The Smart Manager widget will display your device's Battery life, available Storage, RAM usage, and Security status.

  3. Touch CLEAN ALL to quickly clear the RAM status and delete Unnecessary data stored on your device.

Battery Manager

The Battery option helps you keep an eye on your device's battery and determine the cause of your draining battery.

  1. Touch Battery in the Smart Manager widget.

  2. The Battery screen displays the percentage of battery power remaining and how long you might expect that power to last.

  3. Touch BATTERY USAGE to view detailed information on battery usage since last full charge.  

  4. Touch Power saving mode or Ultra power saving mode to set your device to conserve battery power.

    • Power saving mode: Power saving mode helps save battery life by limiting the maximum CPU performance, reducing screen brightness, turning off touch key lights, vibration feedback and reducing the on screen time out when notifications are received.

    • Ultra power saving mode: Ultra power saving mode restricts access to most applications, colors are reduced to black and white, the amount of home screen info is limited and your Bluetooth and location settings will be turned off. This option is good when your battery is below 10%, other than that it is better to use Power Saving Mode if you want to continue full use of your tablet.

  5. Touch DETAIL to view applications that have used an abnormal amount of battery power while the screen has been turned off.

Storage Manager

The Storage option displays information about your device's used and available system storage space. You have the option to delete unnecessary data and unused files to clear up space on your device.

  1. Touch Storage in the Smart Manager widget.

  2. Review the information about your device's used and available system storage.

  3. Touch DETAIL to view detailed breakdown of your device's Total storage space, Available storage space, System memory, Used storage space, Cached data, and Miscellaneous files. Also displays User based storage usage information and SD card information. 

  4. Touch DELETE to delete unnecessary data, such as cached, residual, and advertisement files to free up more storage space. 

  5. Touch DETAIL to view and delete unused files and applications on your device. Select the file(s) by marking and touch DELETE.

RAM Manager

RAM is the memory location your device temporarily loads information into when executing an app or using other device functions. If the RAM status indicator is full, clearing the RAM on your device will improve your device's performance.

  1. Touch RAM in the Smart Manager widget.

  2. RAM screen displays the percentage of RAM used and which Active apps are currently using RAM.

  3. Touch END to close app or touch END ALL to close all running apps to free up space.  Save all work before closing app.

  4. Touch MANAGE APPS to view recently used apps.

  5. Touch AUTO STOP next to an app to force them to stop running in the background or touch UNINSTALL to improve device's performance. 

Device Security Manager

If this is your first time opening Device Security manager, you will be required to accept the Terms and Conditions before utilizing its features.

KNOX Active Protection (KAP)is a set of security mechanisms that defend against mobile device attacks that attempt to modify, observe, or otherwise influence certain critical parts of the device operating system or its data.

KAP is always enabled for enterprise users, that is, those users with an enterprise-managed Workspace.  Through the Smart Manager app, non-enterprise users may optionally enable KAP to gain its benefits.  LEARN MORE...

  1. Touch Security in the Smart Manager widget.

  2. Review the Terms and conditions. Touch AGREE to continue.

  3. Touch SCAN DEVICE at the bottom of the screen to check for any unauthorized system changes.

  4. Touch the OFF slider to turn KNOX active protection ON .

  5. Once you have read the Privacy Policy, mark to agree and then touch RESTART NOW

  6. Device will reboot with KNOX active protection enabled.

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