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NX58K9850: Internal Temperatures Needed for Perfectly Cooked Lamb

The temperature probe lets you cook roasts and poultry to the exact internal temperature you want, taking the guess work out of determining whether a piece of meat is done or not. You can use the temperature probe with the oven set to Bake, Convection Bake, or Convection Roast. When you use the temperature probe, the internal temperature is shown on the display when it reaches 100 °F.

Temperature table

If you have covered the meat with aluminum foil and you let it stand covered for 10 minutes after cooking is complete, the internal temperature increases by 5-10 °F degrees.

Type of Food Internal Temperature (°F)
Beef / Lamb Rare 140-150
Medium 160-170
Well done 170-180
Pork 170-180
Poultry 165-185

Temperature Probe (Single Mode Only)

  1. Push the temperature probe into the meat so that the tip of the probe reaches the center of the meat

    • When you insert the temperature probe, make sure it does not contact bone, fat, or gristle.

    • For bone-in meats, insert the probe into the center of the lowest and thickest portion of the piece.

    • For whole poultry (turkey, large chickens, etc.), insert the probe into the thickest part of the inner thigh, parallel to the leg.

    • If you activate Keep Warm after cooking is complete using the temperature probe, the meat’s internal temperature will exceed your initial settings.

    • If you remove the temperature probe while cooking is in process, the oven shuts off in 60 seconds.

    • The temperature probe may not function properly if inserted into frozen food. (The temperature probe icon doesn’t appear.)

  2. Insert the temperature probe plug into the socket on the top side wall of the oven.

  3. Select cooking operation ( Bake, Roast, or  Convection Bake) and the temperature. 

  4. Touch the Temp Probe, and then set the internal temperature between 100 °F to 200 °F using the number pad.

  5. Set an option (Cooking Time, Delay Start, or Keep Warm) if necessary.

  6. Touch START/SET. When the food reaches the set internal temperature, the oven automatically shuts off, and then beeps.

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