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Self Cleaning (NX58K9500)

This self-cleaning oven uses high temperatures (well above cooking temperatures) to burn off leftover grease and residue completely or reduce them to a finely powdered ash that you can wipe away with a damp cloth.

To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, personal injuries, and/or death, refer to the following precautions.

Before You Continue

  • The self-cleaning feature operates the oven at temperatures high enough to burn away food soils in the oven. The range is extremely hot during a self-cleaning cycle. Do not touch any surfaces of the range during a self-cleaning cycle.

  • Keep children away from the oven during a self- cleaning cycle.

  • Before starting a self-cleaning cycle, remove all racks, cookware, and utensils from the oven. Only porcelain-coated oven racks may be left in the oven.

  • Before starting a self-cleaning cycle, wipe grease and food soils from the oven.

  • Do not self-clean with the lower/warming drawer placed in the oven.

  • When opening the door after a self-cleaning cycle, stand away from the oven.

  •  If the self-cleaning cycle malfunctions, turn off the oven, disconnect the power supply, and contact a qualified service technician.

Self Cleaning

  1. Make sure the door lock is released. Remove all racks from the oven cavity. Wipe up debris from the oven bottom.  

  2. Touch Self Clean once to set the self clean time for 3 hours. Touch Self Clean Twice for a 5 hour cycle and Three times for a 2 hour cycle.  

  3. When the cycle is complete, the oven beeps 6 times. Touch OFF/CLEAR to cancel the self cleaning.  

    The door will remain locked and the Lock icon will blink until the oven temperature falls below 400 °F (204 °C).

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