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Before Using the Cooktop (NX58K9500)

Cooktop Safety 1

To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, personal injuries, and/or death, refer the following precautions.

  • Make sure all burners are off when not in use.

  • Do not use aluminum foil to line the grates or any part of the cooktop.

  • Do not leave burners unattended on medium or high heat settings.

  • Before igniting, make sure all burner caps are properly in place and all burners are level.

  • Always use the LITE position when igniting the burners and make sure the burners have ignited.

  • If ignition fails, turn the knob to OFF and wait until the gas has dissipated.

  • When you set a burner to simmer, do not turn the knob quickly. Make sure the flame stays on.

  • Do not place any objects other than cookware on the cooktop.

  • This cooktop is designed to cook with a wok or wok ring attachment. If foods are flamed, they should only be flamed under a ventilation hood that is on.

  • Before removing or changing cookware, turn off the burners.

  • Remove food and cookware immediately after cooking. 

  • Before removing any parts of the burner for cleaning, make sure the range is off and completely cool.

  • After cleaning the burner spreader, make sure it is completely dry before re-assembling.

  • Make sure the spark mark on the dual burner spreader is placed beside the electrode when it is assembled.

  • To avoid carbon monoxide poisoning, do not pour water into the cooktop well while cleaning.

  • Select cookware that is designed for top-range cooking. Use cookware that is large enough to cover the burner grates. Adjust the burner flames so that the flames do not extend beyond the bottom of the cookware.

  • To avoid cookware discoloration, deformity, and/or carbon monoxide poisoning, do not use cookware that is substantially larger than the grate.

  • Make sure cookware handles are turned to the side or rear of the cooktop, but not over other surface burners.

Cooktop Safety 2

  • Stand away from the range while frying.

  • Always heat frying oils slowly, and watch as they heat. If you are frying foods at high heat, carefully watch during the cooking process. If a combination of fats or oils is to be used during frying, mix them together before heating.

  • Use a deep-fryer thermometer whenever possible. This prevents overheating the fryer beyond the smoking point.

  • Use a minimum amount of oil when shallow pan-frying or deep-frying. Avoid cooking unthawed food or food with excessive amounts of ice.

  • Before moving cookware full of fats or oils, make sure it has completely cooled.

  • To prevent delayed eruptive boiling, always allow heated liquids to stand at least 20 seconds after you have turned off the burner so that the temperature in the liquid can stabilize. In the event of scalding, follow these first aid instructions:

    1) Immerse the scalded area in cool or lukewarm water for at least 10 minutes.
    2) Do not apply any creams, oils, or lotions.
    3) Cover with a clean, dry cloth.

  • Place the pot on the center of the grate. On the Left Rear burner, do not place a pot more than 9” diameter. If you place a oversized at a wrong position, It might disturb the cooling air discharge or make flame on the burner undesired.

  • To warm liquid such as sauces, stir it while warming.

  • Stand away from the range while frying.

    Do not wear loose or hanging garments when using the range. They could ignite and burn you if they touch a surface burner.

  • Never leave plastic items on the cooktop. Hot air from the vent can melt or ignite plastic items or cause a building up of dangerous pressure in closed plastic containers.

  • Do not place portable appliances, or any other object other than cookware on the cooktop. Damage or fire could occur if the cooktop is hot. Always make sure foods being fried are thawed and dried. Moisture of any kind can cause hot fat to bubble up and over the sides of the pan.

  • Always make sure the controls are OFF and the grates are cool before you remove them to prevent any possibility of burning.

  • Do not put any combustible material or items around the range.

  • Take care that your hands do not touch the burners when they are on. Turn off the burners when you change a pan or pot.

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