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Overview of the Washer's Control Panel (WF45K6200)

Learn more about the washer's control panel.

Control Panel Overview

  • A - Display: Shows current cycle information and estimated time remaining, or an information code when a problem occurs.

  • B - Temp: Change the water temperature for the current cycle.

    • Extra Hot: Heavily soiled, colorfast items. Only available with NORMAL, HEAVY DUTY, and SANITIZE (only for WF45K6500A*model).

    • Hot: Whites and heavily soiled, colorfast items.

    • Warm: Colorfast items.

    • Cold: Brightly colored, very lightly soiled items. The washer supplies additional hot water or uses the heater to warm up the water if it is below 60°F (16°C).   

    • Tap Cold: Uses only cold water without using the heater. No warm water is supplied.

  • C - Spin: Change the spinning speed for the current cycle.

      Spin Only: To use only the spin cycle, press and hold Spin for 3 seconds. With the cycle time on the display, press the Spin button repeatedly until a desired spinning speed is selected. Then, press the Start/Pause button. This cycle is available only when no specific cycle is selected.

    • Extra High: Extends the spinning process to effectively remove moisture from the load (only for WF45K6500A* model).

      Extra High uses a stronger spinning process to remove moisture, so it is not suitable for wrinkle-free or no-iron fabrics, or overloads.

    • High: Underwear, t-shirts, jeans and sturdy cottons.

    • Medium: Jeans, wrinkle-free or wash-and-wear items and synthetics.

    • Low: Delicate items that require a lower spinning speed.

    • No Spin: The tub does not spin after the final drain process.

    • Rinse Hold (Does not light up): The final rinse process is suspended so that the laundry remains in the water. To unload the laundry, run a drain or spin process.

  • D - Soil Level: Select different cycle options.

    • Heavy: For heavily soiled loads.

    • ▲ (only for WF45K6500A* model)

    • Normal: For moderately soiled loads. This setting is best for most loads.

    • ▼ (only for WF45K6500A* model)

    • Light: For lightly soiled loads.

  • E - Options: Select different cycle options.

  • F - START/PAUSE: Starts/ends the operation.

  • G - POWER: Turns on/off the washer.

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