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Overview of the Washer's Feature Panel (WF50K7500)

Overviewing Feature Panel

A Display This display shows current cycle information and estimated time remaining, and/or an information code when a problem occurs.
B Power Press to turn on/off the washer.
C START/PAUSE Press and hold to start operation, or press to stop operation.
D Pre Wash

This option adds a preliminary washing process before the main wash cycle.

a. Add detergent to the pre-wash section of the detergent compartment.
b. Turn the Pre Wash option on. The washer fills with cold water and detergent, tumbles, then drains and advances to the selected wash cycle.

NOTE: This option is not available with some cycles.

E Extra Rinse Adds an additional rinse at the end of the cycle to remove laundry additives more thoroughly.
F Extra Spin Adds additional spin time to remove more water from loads.
G Steam Press this button to use the Steam function. Steam is available with the NORMAL, HEAVY DUTY, BEDDING, WHITES, SANITIZE, DEEP STEAM and ALLERGEN cycles. For heavily soiled, colorfast items, the Steam function improves stain treatment and uses less water.
H Temp Press to change the water temperature for the current cycle. 
• Extra Hot: Heavily soiled, colorfast items. Only available with NORMAL, HEAVY DUTY, and SANITIZE cycles.
• Hot: Whites and heavily soiled, colorfast items. 
• Warm: Colorfast items.
• Cold: Brightly colored, very lightly soiled items. The washer supplies additional hot water or uses the heater to warm up the water if it is below 60 °F (16 °C)
• Tap Cold: Uses only cold water without using the heater. No warm water is supplied.
I Spin Press to change the spinning speed for the current cycle. 
• Extra High: Extends the spinning process to effectively remove moisture from the load.
NOTE: Extra High uses a stronger spinning process to remove moisture, so it is not suitable for wrinkle-free or no-iron fabrics, or overloads. 
•   High: Underwear, t-shirts, jeans and sturdy cottons. 
•   Medium: Jeans, wrinkle-free or wash-and-wear items and synthetics. 
•   Low: Delicate items that requires a lower spinning speed. 
•   No Spin: The tub does not spin after the final drain process. 
•   Rinse Hold (No lamp turns on): The final rinse process is suspended so that the laundry remains in the water. To unload the laundry, run a drain or spin process. 

NOTE: This cycle is available when no specific cycle is selected.
J Soil Level Press the button to select the soil level/washing time. 
• Heavy: For heavily soiled loads. 
• ▲: For loads between heavily soiled and moderately soiled.
• Normal: For moderately soiled loads. This setting is best for most loads. 
• ▼: For loads between moderately soiled and lightly soiled.
• Light: For lightly soiled loads.
K Super Speed Press this button if you need to shorten the washing time, applicable for NORMAL, DEEP STEAM, HEAVY DUTY, BEDDING or ALLERGEN. The shortened time may differ depending on the selected cycle/load/options.
L Self Clean+ Cleans the tub by removing dirt and bacteria from the tub.
• Perform once every 40 washes with no detergent or bleach added. 
• Make sure the tub is empty.
• Do not add any tub cleaning agents.
M Delay End Set the washer to finish your wash automatically at a later time. Choose a delay of between 1 to 24 hours (in 1 hour increments).
N My Cycle Create your own washing cycle with preferred settings and use the cycle with a single button push.
O Symbols  Door Locked - This icon lights up whenever the door is locked.
 Smart Control - This icon lights up when the unit is connected to both the wireless network and the mobile app.
 Child Lock - This icon lights up when Child Lock is activated. All buttons other than the power button and the control knob are disabled.
 Sound Off - This icon lights up when sound has been disabled.
 Add Wash - When this icon is on, you can pause the cycle to add more clothing.
 Self Clean - This icon lights up once every 40 washes as a reminder to run the Self Clean+ cycle. (For more information on Self Clean+ reminder, see page 49 of the User Manual)

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