Track and view exercise information on your Gear IconX buds

Dancer using Gear IconX

Want to know how fast you ran, or how long you kept up those sprints? You can record and save exercise information, such as activity duration and speed, right on your Gear IconX buds. Then, you can view your workout information via the Galaxy Wearable and Samsung Health app on your connected phone.

Note: The Gear IconX earbuds can only recognize and save information for walking and running.

Start and control a workout with Gear IconX

Ready to pound the pavement? Begin your workout and your Gear IconX will start tracking your movements. You can also control the workout from your buds!

Start a workout

Insert both Gear IconX earbuds into your ears. Touch and hold the touchpad. Then, release when you hear "Start workout with pace setter." Begin working out when you hear four beeps followed by "Workout started."

Woman doing sit-ups while wearing Gear IconX

Controls during a workout

After your workout has started, there are additional options you can choose from. Touch and hold the bud's touchpad and release once you hear your desired choice.

Here are the available options:

  • Workout details: To listen to the recorded exercise information, touch and hold the touchpad, and then release it when you hear “workout details.” You can select the types of information to be played in the Exercise audio guide option.

  • Ambient sound turned on: To listen to your surroundings during your workout, touch and hold the touchpad, and then release it when you hear “Ambient sound." You will hear “Ambient sound mode turns on” when it activates. You can also use the Galaxy Wearable app to turn on Ambient sound mode.

  • Finish workout: To complete your workout and hear the details about it, touch and hold the touchpad, and then release it when you hear “Finish workout.”

  • Workout resumed: If the heart rate sensor does not make contact with your ear, the Gear IconX earbuds may stop working. Remove the buds from your ears, and insert them again within 20 minutes. When you hear "Workout resumed" or "Workout mode starts again," you can start your workout again.

Note: You can also set up an audio coach on the earbuds that will help you record exercise information when you're working out. 

Set the main exercise earbud

The right-side Gear IconX earbud is set as the main earbud by default. This means it will be used to track all of your exercise. However, you can change the main earbud to the left if you prefer.

  1. Open the Galaxy Wearable app, and then tap the SETTINGS tab.

  2. Tap Exercise, and then tap Exercise earbud.

  3.  Select whether the Left or Right earbud will track your exercise.

All workout data will now be tracked using this earbud.

Note: After you set the main earbud, the Gear IconX earbuds may not automatically connect to your phone. If this happens, put the earbuds in pairing mode to reconnect them to your phone manually.

Choose the earbud to use for tracking your exercise.

Start a workout via the Galaxy Wearable app

If needed, you can start an exercise right from the Galaxy Wearable app.

Insert both Gear IconX earbuds into your ears, and then open the Samsung Health app. Tap the Exercise widget, and select your desired type of exercise.

When you're ready to start, tap Start.

Once you have finished your workout, tap Pause, and then tap Stop in the Samsung Health app. The Gear IconX earbuds will stop recording the exercise information and the workout result will be displayed.

Press Start to begin Stretch workout

Note: The Gear IconX touchpad commands may not work when starting a workout from the Samsung Health app.

View your exercise information

After a good workout, of course you want to know how you did. The Gear IconX sends exercise details to the Galaxy Wearable and Samsung Health apps on your phone, so you can view them later.

To view your excerise routine, open the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone, and then tap the INFO tab. Your last exercise routine will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

To see recent exercises from the last 30 days, tap OPEN SAMSUNG HEALTH, and then tap Recent workouts inside the Exercise widget. Tap an exercise to view specific details about it.

OPEN SAMSUNG HEALTH via Galaxy Wearable app connected to IconX earbuds to view exercise information

Listen to music during a workout

Did you know you can store up to 1,000 songs in your Gear IconX earbuds? Once you transfer your music through the Galaxy Wearable app, you can control songs using the buds themselves, so you can listen to all those songs without a phone or computer in sight.

Here are the different controls you can use:

Gear IconX with the touchpad highlighted by a blue circle
  • Play or pause a song: Tap the touchpad once.

  • Skip to the next song: Tap the touchpad two times.

  • Return to the previous song: Tap the touchpad three times.

  • Adjust the volumes of songs: Drag your finger up or down on the touchpad.

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