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Use Your Induction Cooktop

The induction cooktop uses electronic circuits that produce induced currents under the cookware; instantly raising the temperature.

Virtual Flame Technology

Virtual flame technology makes flames appear on the cookware when you use the center and right burners.

• The virtual flame may look different depending on the appearance, size, and position of the cookware. Use cookware that matches the size of the burner for best results.

• Impurities on the cookware bottom or the cooktop surface can cause the virtual flames to be distorted.


Initial Cleaning

Before using it for the first time, clean the cooktop with a ceramic cooktop cleaner.

  1. Shake the cleaning cream well. Then, apply a few drops of cleaner on the cooktop.



  2. Clean the cooktop surface with paper towels or a cleaning pad for ceramic cooktops.



  3. Remove all of the cleaning residue with a dry cloth or paper towels. No need to rinse.



Powering On/Off

  1. To turn on the cooktop, touch the POWER key.

    After turning on the cooktop, you must select a cooking zone or element and power setting within 20 seconds. Otherwise, the cooktop will turn off automatically for safety reasons.



  2. To turn off the cooktop, touch the POWER key again.

    If residual heat is detected after the cooktop is turned off, it will be indicated on the digital display next to each cooking zone.


Safety Shutoff

Due to safety reasons, the cooktop will automatically turn off in the following situations:

  • If the cooktop overheats due to abnormal use.


  • If the cookware is unsuitable, too small, or no cookware is placed on the cooking surface for one minute.


  • If any liquid boils over onto the control panel, all cooking zones will turn off. To turn the cookware back on, touch the POWER key.

Using Pause

The Pause function switches all active cooking zones to the low power setting. This function can be used when you need to to briefly stop and then continue cooking. When the Pause function is activated, the only keys that will work are the Pause, Child lock, and Power keys. To resume cooking, touch the Pause key again.

The Timer function is not affected by the Pause function.


  1. To activate the Pause function, touch the Pause key. All of the active burners' power levels will bet set to 2.



  2. To deactivate the Pause function, touch the Pause key again. All of the active burners' power levels will revert to their previous levels.


Setting the Cooking Zone and Temperature

  1. To select an element or cooking zone, touch the ON/OFF key next to the desired element or cooking zone.

    When an element or cooking zone is selected, the power is automatically set to 15.



  2. To set and adjust the power level, run your finger in either direction along the surface of the element or zone control.

    You can also use the magnetic knob.


Residual Heat Indicator

• If the residual heat indicator is illuminated, there is a risk of burns.

• If the power supply is interrupted, the residual heat indicator will not function.

If residual heat is detected after an individual cooking zone or the cooktop is turned off, H or h will appear on the display of the respective cooking zone(s). The residual heat indicator will only turn off after the cooking zone has cooled. You can use the residual heat for thawing or keeping food warm.

Cooking Areas

The cooking areas on your cooktop are identified by the permanent circles on the glass cooking surface. To cook efficiently, use cookware that fits within the circle on the cooking surface.

Pans should not extend more than ½ to 1 inch beyond the cooking area.


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