Better cooking with Healthy Cook on your Samsung wall oven

Image of various types of food prepared using Healthy Cook feaure

The Healthy Cook feature offers six different specialized cooking operations you can choose from depending on what you're cooking. Each of these modes are specially designed to cook a specific type of food (like baked potatoes, grilled chicken, salmon steak, or white fish fillets) or perform a cooking operation (like Dehydrate or Bread Proof). This is different from normal Bake mode and uses an optimized cooking algorithm. You will get a better cooking result for these types of foods using Healthy Cook instead of just regular baking.

Healthy Cook modes

Baked Potato • Specially designed to cook potatoes or sweet potatoes.
• Use rack positions 5 in single mode, A in upper mode, or 1 in lower mode.
Grilled Chicken • Specially designed to cook chicken pieces. To prevent over-browning and drying, wrap each piece with foil.
• Use rack positions 4 or 5 in single mode, A in upper mode, or 1 in lower mode.
Salmon Steak • Specially designed to cook salmon steaks.
• Use rack positions 4 or 5 in single mode, A in upper mode, or 1 in lower mode.
White Fish Fillet • Specially designed to cook white fish fillets.
• Use rack positions 4 or 5 in single mode, A in upper mode, or 1 in lower mode.
Dehydrate • Dries food or removes moisture from food with heat circulation.
• After food is dehydrated, keep it in a cool and dry place.
• Sprinkle sugar on fruit to help retain sweetness. You can also add lemon or pineapple juice to the fruit.
• If you're dehydrating vegetables or fruit, set it to 100-150°F. If you're dehydrating meat, set it to 145-175°F.
• Use rack position 3 or 4 in single mode.
Bread Proof • Provides the best temperature for the bread proofing process. Temperature adjustment is not required.
• Do not start when the oven temperature is above 125°F. Wait until the oven cools down.
• Use rack position 3 in single mode.
• Do not use Bread Proof for warming food. The temperature is not hot enough to keep food warm.
• To avoid lowering the temperature and extending the proofing time, do not open the oven door.
• To prevent the oven blowing the plastic wrap off the dough, place the dough in a heat-safe container on rack position 3 or 4 and cover it with a cloth.

Cooking with Healthy Cook

  1. Turn the Mode knob to Healthy Cook mode.

  2. Touch the desired cooking operation.

    Selecting one of the healthy cook options on the wall oven
  3. Set the desired temperature. Then, touch OK.

    Example of entering temperature on the Samsung wall oven panel
  4. Touch Start.

    Example of touching start on the Samsung wall oven panel

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