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Removing and Replacing the Oven Doors on Your Electric Double Wall Oven (NV51K7770D & NV51K6650D)

Learn how to properly remove and replace the oven doors on your Electric Double Wall Oven. 

Removing the Oven Doors

Use two hands to remove an oven door.

  1. To start removing the door, prepare a flat surface covered with a soft blanket to place the door.


  2. Disconnect the LED light's Wire Harness (A) at the bottom right corner of the door.



  3. Open the door.


  4. Locate the door hinge locks in both corners of the oven door.
  5. Rotate the hinge locks toward the oven door to the unlocked position.

    If the door hinge lock is not rotated fully (see illustration B on the left for an example of full rotation), you will not be able to remove the door properly.



  6. Partially close the door to engage the door latch locks. The door will stop at this point.



  7. Lift and pull the oven door toward you and remove. You may need to gently shift the door from side to side as you pull.



  8. Set the oven door aside on the prepared flat surface with the oven door resting on its handle.


Replacing the Oven Doors

  1. Using two hands, grasp the side edges of door at the midpoint. Face the oven cavity.


  2. Locate the slots (A) on each side of the oven cavity for the door hinge locks.



  3. Hold the door at a 45-degree angle. Then, align the door hinges with the slots in the lower front of the oven cavity.



  4. Insert the door slowly. Make sure you maintain the 45-degree angle.


  5. Lower the oven door to the fully open position.

    If the oven door does not open to a full 90-degrees, repeat steps 1 through 4


  6. Locate the oven door hinge locks in the corners of the oven door, and rotate the hinge locks toward the oven cavity to the locked position.




  7. Close the oven door.


  8. When the hinges are properly installed and the door is closed, there should be an even gap between the door and the control panel. If one side of the oven door is hanging lower than the other, the hinge on that side is not properly installed.


  9. Reconnect the Wire Harness.


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