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Using the Oven Racks in Your Electric Wall Oven (NV51K7770S & NV51K6650S)

It is recommended that the rack, gliding rack, and divider are placed in specified rack positions. Different rack positions are recommended by different types of food. Remove and replace each rack following the guide below.

Using the Racks

• Use oven mitts when inserting or removing the racks.
• Make sure the oven is cool before proceeding.

Removing the Racks

  1. Pull the rack straight out until it stops.



  2. Lift up the front of the rack. Then, pull it out completely.



Replacing the Racks

  1. Place the back end of the rack on the support.



  2. Tilt the front end up. Then, push the rack into place.



Rack Positions

Oven Rack Positions (Single Mode)

  • Recommended rack positions for cooking.


    Type of Food Rack Position
    Broiling hamburgers 6
    Broiling meats or small cuts of poultry, fish 4-6
    Bundt cakes, pound cakes, frozen pies, casseroles 4 or 3
    Angel food cakes, small roasts 2
    Turkey, large roast, hams, fresh pizza 1
  • Oven Rack positions with Divider (Flex Mode)

    • The upper oven has 2 rack positions (A, B).


    • The lower oven has 4 rack positions (1-4).


      Type of Food Rack Position
      Upper Lower
      Frozen pies A 2
      Angel food cakes - 2
      Bundt or pound cakes - 2
      Muffins, brownies, cookies, cupcakes, layer cakes, pies, biscuits A 2
      Casserole A 2
      Small roast, hams A 2
      Small turkey, medium
      - 1

    Rack and Pan Placement

    • Center the baking pans when placing them on the racks for the best result.

      • If you are using more than one pan, make at least 1 inch to 1.5 inches of space between them.
      • When baking on a single oven rack, place the oven rack in position 3 or 4.



    • When baking cakes and cookies on multiple racks, place the oven racks in position 3 and 5.



Using the Gliding Rack

The fully extendable Gliding Rack makes food preparation easier, especailly when preparing heavier dishes.

• It is not recommended to install the Gliding rack in the lowest rack position (level 1 in the oven).
• The Gliding Rack has 2 glide tracks that lets you easily extend the rack well out of the oven without touching the sides of the oven walls.

Do not install the Gliding rack directly above the Flat Rack. The rack could fall.

Installing/Uninstalling the Gliding Rack

  1. To install the Gliding Rack, make sure the rack is in a closed position, and carefully insert the Gliding rack between the guides until the rack reaches the back.

    Make sure the oven is off and cool.



  2. To remove the rack, grasp the the rack and frame together. Then, pull both forward.



Using the Gliding Rack

Make sure you use oven mitts when handling the Gliding Rack while cooking.


  1. Pull in/out the Gliding rack holding the handle of the rack.

    If you grasp the frame to slide the rack out, the entire Gliding rack will be removed.



  2. To glide the rack back in, grasp the handle of the rack. Then, push it into place.

Installing the Divider (Flex Duo)

• To use flex mode, you must insert the divider.
• Handle the divider with both hands.
• Use oven mitts when you insert/remove the divider.

  1. Insert the divider into the 4th rack position.



  2. Push the divider in until its back end rests against the back of the cavity.

    When the oven displays -dC-, check if the divider is installed correctly.



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