What is Cortana and How do I Use it

Cortana is your personal assistant through Windows 10. She helps you search the web, find programs or files on your PC, manage your calendar and reminders, and can even tell you jokes. To become a unique personal assistant, she learns through your interaction with her. For Cortana to function properly, you will need to be signed into your Microsoft Account.

Setting Up Cortana

If this is your first time using Cortana, enable the feature by following the steps below.

  1. Navigate to Start > Cortana.



  2. Review the information on Cortana. Then, click Use Cortana.


  3. To use Cortana, you will need to sign into your Microsoft account. Click Sign in. Then, click on your account.


  4. Enter your password. Then, click Sign In.

Setting Up Cortana's Voice Recognition

To set Cortana to recognize only your voice, follow these steps.

  1. Click the search box on the taskbar.


  2. Click the Notebook icon. Then, click Settings.



  3. To enable Hey Cortana, click the slider under Hey Cortana.


  4. Scroll down and click Learn my voice.



  5. Make sure you are in a quiet environment before continuing. Click Start.


  6. For Cortana to recognize your voice, there will be six phrases you will need to say.

Using Cortana

  1. To use Cortana, click the search bar on the taskbar or say "Hey, Cortana."


  2. You can use Cortana to open up apps. For this example, type or say Open paint. Then, press the Enter key if you typed the command.



  3. You can have Cortana set up reminders or alarms. For this example, type or say "Remind me to call the doctor at 12:45 pm." Then, press the Enter key if you typed the command.


  4. For more information on using Cortana, click here.

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