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Cleaning the POWERbot

The POWERbot's dustbin, camera, sensors, brush, auto shutter tool, and driving wheels are all vital to the POWERbot's cleaning efficiency. Be sure to keep the POWERbot clean so it can keep your home clean.

Always turn off the emergency switch before cleaning the POWERbot.

Cleaning the Dustbin

If your POWERbot's suction is weak, it may be due to a full dustbin. Clean the dustbin to keep the POWERbot running efficiently. 

  1. To remove the dustbin, press PUSH and then remove the dustbin.

  2. Empty the dust and other particles in the dustbin and cyclone unit.

  3. Open the filter cover and then pull the yellow rubber ring to detach the filter from the cyclone unit.

  4. Wash the dustbin and the filter. Then, re-attach the filter to the cyclone unit and then close the filter cover. Make sure that the filter fits properly into the cyclone unit.

  5. Reattach the dustbin cover to the cyclone unit and then reinsert the dustbin into the POWERbot.

Cleaning the Brush and Auto Shutter Tool

As the POWERbot cleans, the brush will inevitably get dirty. Keeping the brush clean is essential for the POWERbot to run smoothly.

  1. Flip the POWERbot over, adjust the yellow brush cover tabs to the unlocked position, and then remove the cover.

  2. Remove the brush and then use cleaning tools like a different vacuum cleaner or scissors to remove any hair, threads, and other foreign materials.

  3. Use cleaning tools such as a different vacuum cleaner and tweezers to remove foreign materials from the auto shutter tool.

  4. Once the brush and auto shutter tool are cleaned, reinsert the brush into the POWERbot.

    Insert the left notch into the groove and then gently push down on the brush.

  5. Replace the brush cover and lock it into place.

Cleaning the Sensors, Camera, and Driving Wheel

The sensors, camera, and driving wheels are integral to how the POWERbot moves around your home while cleaning. Keep these parts clean to make sure the POWERbot can travel your whole house.

Camera and Sensors

  • Using a soft cloth, lightly wipe the camera, front sensor window, cliff sensors, and the rear sensor window.

    Do not use water or any cleaning solutions.

Driving Wheels

  • Lay a soft cloth on the floor and then place the POWERbot upside-down on the cloth and use a blunt rod or tweezers to remove any foreign material.

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