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Cleaning with Your POWERbot

The POWERbot is equipped to clean any type of indoor floor surface. From hardwood floors to shaggy carpets, the POWERbot can clean it all! Just set the POWERbot to clean and go on with the rest of your day without a worry.

Cleaning Modes

The POWERbot comes equipped with various cleaning modes and functions to tackle any cleaning. You can set the POWERbot to clean automatically or control it to clean specific areas.

Auto Clean

When using this mode, the POWERbot will clean the area once and then return to the docking station. If the battery runs low, it will recharge, and then finish the area. Use this mode for general cleaning. To use Auto Clean, press Start/Stop on the POWERbot or on the remote control. 

If Auto Clean is completed within 15 minutes, the POWERbot will clean the area again before returning to the docking station.

Spot Clean

When using this mode, the POWERbot will clean a specific area intensely (around 6 square ft). Use this mode to clean messes like bread or cookie crumbs in a concentrated area. To use Spot Clean, press Spot on the remote control when the vacuum is as close as possible to the mess.

Manual Clean

To use Manual Clean, press the directional buttons on the POWERbot remote to move it forward and turn it to the side. 

• The POWERbot will not return to the docking station unless it is commanded to do so or placed in another mode such as Auto Clean.
• The POWERbot cannot move backward.

Repeat Clean

If the POWERbot cleans everywhere it can reach, it will go back and clean areas it has already covered repeatedly until the battery depletes, and then return to the docking station. To use Repeat Clean, press Repeat on the remote control. 

The only thing that can give the POWERbot a hard time is a wet surface. Make sure to clean up any liquid spills before using the POWERbot. Also, don't take it outdoors. The POWERbot is an indoor vacuum only.

Special Cleaning Functions

Intelligent Power Control

The POWERbot is so smart that if it detects a carpet while cleaning, it will automatically increase the suction power.

Intelligent Power Control is available only in Normal mode.

Edge Clean Master

Other robot vacuums have difficulty cleaning edges or corners. But when the POWERbot detects an edge or corner, the auto shutter tool will activate to clean those hard to reach spaces.

Edge Clean Master is only available in Auto or Spot Clean mode.

Point Cleaning

You can make the POWERbot follow a laser pointer using the remote control, just like a cat. Use Point Cleaning to clean small messes.

To use Point Cleaning, press and hold Point Cleaning and shine the laser dot on the area you want the POWERbot to clean. 

The effective range of the laser dot depends on the height of the remote control. You can use Point Cleaning from further away if you're standing up compared to if you are sitting down. Review the guide below for operating distances.

Point Cleaning is only available with the 7090 model. If your remote does not look like the one in the above image, Point Cleaning is not available.

Height of the Remote Control 1.6'  (0.5m) 3.3' (1m) 5' (1.5m)
Operating Distance ~4.9' (1.5m) ~6.6'  (2m) ~9.8' (3m)

POWERbot Coverage

Most conventional robot vacuum brushes are 8 inches long. The POWERbot's brush is a whopping 42% longer at 11.4 inches! Whether the mess is small or large, the POWERbot's larger brush along with other smart features will keep your home cleaner than other robot vacuums. 

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