Docking station positioning for Samsung POWERbot

POWERbot on docking station to charge

After cleaning or between cycles, the POWERbot will need recharging. In most cases, the POWERbot will find its own way back to the charger. In rare cases where the POWERbot cannot return to the charger, you can put it on the charger yourself.

Where to put the docking station to best ensure automatic recharging

Automatic recharging occurs automatically at the end of the cycle or if the battery gets low during a cycle. In optimum conditions, the POWERbot will find its way back to the charger without intervention. You can also command the POWERbot to return by pressing Recharge on the POWERbot or the remote control. POWERbots linked with SmartThings can even be set up to automatically return to charge under certain conditions, such as when you arrive home. So it's best to have the docking station prepared correctly so the POWERbot doesn't need your help to find it.

To make sure your POWERbot can find the charger without you:

  • Select a location where the POWERbot can easily access the docking station.

  • Select a location with a level floor, and preferably an even, blank, level wall. If wall is uneven and causes the docking station to tilt, the POWERbot will not connect. If this occurs, move the docking station approximately half an inch out from the wall so the bottom of the station is flat against the floor, or find a better spot on the wall for the docking station.

  • Do not place the docking station in an area with a dark colored floor.

  • If you have wood floors, install the docking station along the grain.

  • Select a location with 1.6 feet of clearance on either side of the docking station, and with 3.3 feet of clearance in front of it.

How to put the POWERbot back on the charger

To manually charge the POWERbot, lift up the POWERbot and then place it on the charger. Make sure that the charging pins on the POWERbot and charger are aligned and then press the Start button for about 3 seconds.

You'll need to put the POWERbot back on the charger in these situations:

  • The docking station is located in a corner where the POWERbot will have difficulty docking.

  • The POWERbot's battery was fully exhausted before the POWERbot could make it back to the docking station. The battery indicator will blink and Lo will appear on the display.

  • The POWERbot is immobilized by an obstacle.

  • The POWERbot cannot climb a threshold near the charger. The maximum height the POWERbot can climb is around 0.6 inches (1.5 cm).

  • The POWERbot was picked up or moved in the middle of a cycle, causing it to lose track of where the docking station is.

How long the battery lasts

Cleaning duration on one charge (based on a hard floor surface).

  • Quiet Mode: Around 90 minutes.

    Quiet Mode on POWERbot

    Note: Quiet mode is not available on all models.

  • Normal Mode: Around 60 minutes.

    Normal Mode on POWERbot
  • Turbo (Max) Mode: Around 30 minutes.

    Turbo (Max) Mode

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