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Identify the Correct Charger for Your Galaxy Note5

You can charge your phone using any Samsung-approved wall charger, but charging speeds may vary depending on the charger. Use the charger that originally came with your phone, or use only Samsung-approved charging devices and batteries. Samsung accessories are designed to maximize battery life. Using other accessories may invalidate your warranty and may cause damage. Your phone is powered by a standard rechargeable Li-ion battery. A two-piece wall charger (Adaptive Fast Charger and USB cable) is included with the phone. The battery comes partially charged. A fully discharged battery requires up to 4 hours of charge time. 

Recommended Samsung-approved chargers: Adaptive Fast Charging Wall Charger or Fast Charging Wireless Charger.

Best Practices for Battery Charging

To properly charge your phone, do not use any other phone charger other than Samsung wall charger that came with your phone.
The Samsung wall charger is required in order to properly charge your phone. Using a third-party charger can hinder the charging of your phone and may cause battery issues if used in long term. The picture below is the charger for your phone. This charger is 5.0V/2.0A and has SAMSUNG printed on it.

When charging your phone, please keep in mind that the use of uncertified or counterfeit charging accessories (e.g., chargers, wireless charging pads, cables, USB-C adaptors, etc.) may cause safety issues that result in product damage.  We strongly recommend that you use genuine Samsung accessories.  

When using wireless charging accessories, please be aware that any metal or magnetic materials (e.g., coins, magnetic cards) placed between the phone and the wireless charger may decrease charging efficiency or cause damage to the phone and charger.  When using wired charging accessories, always check whether any foreign objects are in the connector or plug, as they may prevent the phone from charging or cause the charging accessories to overheat.

If you don't have access to the factory wall charger, you can charge the phone using the USB connection on your PC, but it will require twice as much time to charge.

If your phone won't charge, follow these steps:

  1. Connect and charge the phone using the factory wall charger for an hour.

    The battery charging indicator may take up to 10 minutes to appear on the phone's screen.

  2. Disconnect the phone and then attempt to turn it on by holding Power down until the Samsung logo appears.

  3. If your phone turns on, it needs to be charged. Turn off your phone and reconnect it to the factory wall charger for about 6 more hours.

  4. If your phone fails to turn on, it needs service. Please complete a Service Request.

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