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Take Pictures and Record Videos on Your Galaxy Tab S3 (Verizon)

Galaxy Tab S3 Camera Feature

Don't fuss trying to open the camera app and never miss a beat. Accessing your camera and sharing the perfect moment has been made easier on your Galaxy Tab S3. There's more than one way to capture an experience. The abundant and revoluationary built-in camera features of your Tab S3 lets you snap a picture of that perfect view or record a moment you want to relive, beautifully and effortlessly. After you take a photo, make sure to keep your images organized.

The available screens and settings may vary by wireless service provider and software version.

Take Pictures

  1. Navigate to Apps > Camera.

  2. Using the display screen as a viewfinder, compose your shot by aiming the camera at the subject. While composing your picture, use the available options described below:

    • To focus the shot, touch the screen. When you touch the screen, a brightness scale is displayed. Slide the light bulb up or down to adjust the brightness.

    • To add an effects filter, swipe to the left and touch a preview filter to apply it to the screen.

    • To add a shooting mode, swipe to the right and select a mode.

    • To quickly switch between the front and rear cameras, swipe the screen up or down.

    • To add a camera setting, touch a Quick settings or Settings.

  3. Touch Capture to take the picture.

    Galaxy Tab S3 Camera Capture Photo

Record Videos

If you have an SD card installed, pictures and videos are stored to the SD card. If no card is installed, pictures and videos are saved to your tablet’s memory.

  1. Navigate to Apps > Camera.

  2. Aim the camera at your subject and then touch Record.

    Galaxy Tab S3 Select Record
  3. To take a picture while recording, touch Capture.

    Galaxy Tab S3 Camera Photo While Recording Video
  4. To pause recording, touch Pause.

    Galaxy Tab S3 Pause Recording
  5. To resume recording, touch Resume.

    Galaxy Tab S3 Resume Recording
  6. To stop recording, touch Stop.

    Galaxy Tab S3 Stop Recording

Camera Modes

  1. Navigate to Apps > Camera.   

  2. To access available camera modes, swipe right.   

    Galaxy Tab S3 Swipe to Camera Modes
  3. Select from the following Camera modes: 

    Galaxy Tab S3 Camera Modes Overview
    • Auto: Take the best possible pictures by setting the tablet to adjust the exposure and color of pictures automatically. 

    • Pro: Adjust the ISO sensitivity, exposure value and white balance manually while taking pictures. 

    • Panorama: Create a panorama by taking consecutive pictures in either a horizontal or vertical direction.

    • Continuous shot: Take pictures continuously by pressing and holding the Camera icon. 

    • HDR (Rich tone): Take multiple shots in various exposures and combine them to create soft and rich colors. 

    • Night: Take multiple shots and combine them to get brighter, clearer pictures in low light without using the flash. 

  4. To view more information on the modes, touch More Options.   

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Touch More Options
  5. Touch Info.   

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Touch Info
  6. To see more modes, swipe up.   

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Swipe through Camera Modes Info

Manage Camera Modes

  1. Navigate to Apps > Camera.

  2. To access the Camera Modes, swipe to the right.

  3. Touch More Options.

    Galaxy Tab S3 Select More Options
  4. Use the following options to manage camera modes:

    Galaxy Tab S3 Camera Mode Options
    • Edit: Rearrange the order of the camera modes.

    • Add shortcut on Home screen: Add your favorite camera modes to the Home screen for quick access.

    • Info: View detailed information of the camera modes.

Download Camera Modes

  1. Navigate to Apps > Camera.

  2. To access the Camera Modes, swipe to the right.

    Galaxy Tab S3 Open Camera Modes
  3. Touch DOWNLOAD.

  4. Select the desired camera mode and then touch Download.

    Galaxy Tab S3 Download New Camera Mode

Camera Settings

  1. Navigate to Apps > Camera.

  2. Touch Settings.

    Galaxy Tab S3 Select Settings on Top Left
  3. Adjust the following to the desired camera settings.

    Galaxy Tab S3 Camera Settings Overview
    • You can customize pictures and videos by changing the picture and video size.

    • Customize the way you take pictures by setting a timer, grid lines, and location tags.

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