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Frequently Asked Questions About Samsung Gear

Below are general questions about the Samsung Gear Software and functions.

FAQs About Installation

  1. How do I set up the Samsung Gear S2 or Gear Fit2?

  2. What devices are compatible with Samsung Gear?
    1. Go to http://www.samsung.com/my/consumer/mobile-devices/wearables
    2. Click the [Learn more] for any gear
    3. Scroll down and find the button to check the compatible devices.
    4. You can see the compatible device list for gear.
  3. How do I uninstall the Samsung Gear app?
    • From the Apps tray touch and hold the Samsung Gear app. Select or drag to uninstall.

      Please note that if you uninstall the app, data about your Gear will be deleted from the phone.

FAQs About Functions

  1. How do I use the S Voice function?
    • When using the S Voice app on your Gear, tap "Help" on the app's main screen to see default commands that will be useful.
    • Tap the cogwheel of S Voice in the My Apps option inside the Samsung Gear app and check if voice assistance is selected.
    • On your device, go to [Settings] > [Bluetooth] and select the cogwheel next to the paired gear device. Then select [Call audio].

  2. How do I use the Auto Lock function?
    • If you use the "Auto Lock" function, your mobile device's screen will be locked when connection with your Gear is lost and not recognized by the device. If you do not wish to use this function, please change the settings, following the steps below. Go to the Samsung Gear app > [Settings] > deselect [Auto Lock] in the checkbox.
    • How to set up Smart Lock
      1. On your device, go to [Settings] > [Lock screen and security] > [Other security settings] > [Trust agents] (This option is displayed only if a security method such as PIN, pattern, password, and fingerprints is selected as a screen lock method in the lock screen settings.)
      2. Set up Smart Lock (Google).
      3. Select the connected Gear as a trusted device.

  3. How can I use the function of automatically switching received calls on my Gear S/S2/S3?

    Please follow the steps below to set up switching for received calls.

    1. Go to the Samsung Gear app > [Settings] > [Call], and select [Call forwarding].
    2. Pull down the top-left corner of the watch face, and select the call icon and tap [Run]. Then check the number displayed on the screen, and select the check mark.
    3. If it is recognized that the user is wearing Gear S, signals will be sent to it from the user's mobile phone. If the function does not work properly even after you set it up according to the steps above and put on Gear S or Gear S2, your Gear and device need to be checked. Please visit Samsung Service Center for assistance.

  4. Where can I see the data tracked by the Gear Fit2?
    • First, you could view the data from Gear Fit2 through widgets or apps (Exercise, Steps, Floors, ...). Second, the more detailed data is available from the compatible smartphone app, S Health where the data source (i.e., Gear Fit2) is specified for each data.

  5. How do I get notifications on my Gear?
    • For apps set up in the [Manage notifications] menu of the Samsung Gear app, you will receive notifications on your Gear when your mobile phone receives them. If you are missing notifications you want, follow the steps below to check the settings in the [Manage notifications] menu of the Samsung Gear app.
    • In the Samsung Gear app > [Notification] > [Manage notifications], select the checkbox of an app for which you want to receive notifications.
    • The Gear S2 only receives notifications from your mobile phone when it is worn by the user.