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Frequently Asked Questions About Find My Mobile

General FAQ's

  1. How do I setup Find My Mobile for the first time?
    • To use the Find My Mobile service for the first time, you must register your Samsung account on your device, and enable the Remote controls option. When your Samsung account is successfully registered, the Remote controls option will be enabled automatically. Go to Settings > Security > Find My Mobile > Remote controls and check that Remote controls is enabled.

      • The Find My Mobile service allows you to access any of your device's functions remotely via the website. To use this service, the [Remote controls] option must be enabled on your device.
      • To track the location of your device, you must agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Use of Wireless Networks (Google's Location Services) which uses Wi-Fi and/or mobile networks.

  2. What does the Lock My Device option do?
    • The person can call the phone number that you specified in the Find My Mobile service, view the messages entered through the Find My Mobile service and make emergency calls.

  3. Can I still use Find My Mobile after using the Wipe My Device option?
    • You can no longer use the Find My Mobile service once you enable the [Wipe device] option.

  4. How do I stop using Find My Mobile?
    • To stop using the service, simply delete the Samsung account.

  5. Is Emergency Mode available on all devices?
    • Currently, Emergency Mode is available only on the Galaxy S5 and certain more recent models.

  6. Why do I need a device nickname?
    • If you have registered multiple devices to one Samsung account, you can give each of them nicknames so you can tell them apart.

  7. What is emergency mode?
    • Emergency mode will reduce the screen brightness and disable most of apps and functionality on the target device in order to extend the battery life.

Find My Mobile Website FAQ's

  1. How can I verify that my device is registered?
    • Sign into the Find My Mobile website with the same Samsung account as on your device and you will see the list of registered devices along with their status information.

  2. Can I use Find My Mobile on multiple devices?
    • Yes, you can use the Find My Mobile service in multiple devices that are registered with the same Samsung account.

  3. How can I use Find My Mobile?
    • The Find My Mobile service is accessible via desktop or mobile web browsers. Log into your Samsing account and control your device remotely.

  4. Do I need a Google account to use Find My Mobile?
    • You need to log in to your Google account on your device if you are on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or below.

  5. What can I control from the website?
    • Once logged in to the Find My Mobile service, you can check the connection status and the Remote controls options available for your device. Remote access is available only on a network-connected device with Remote controls enabled.

  6. How can I deregister my device from Find My Mobile?
    • There are two ways in which you can deregister from the Find My Mobile service. If you still have the device, you can simply remove your Samsung Account (Settings > Accounts > Samsung Account > tap Samsung Account ID (the email address) > Remove Account). If you no longer have your device, you can deregister by accessing the Find My Mobile website, http://findmymobile.samsung.com, and selecting the device from the Registered Devices list. Just click the trash bin icon and accept the disclaimer. Please note that if you deregister your device, you will no longer be able to control that device remotely via Find My Mobile, unless you sign in with a Samsung Account again.

  7. Will Find My Mobile work on a device that is offline?
    • Even when your device is out of network range, you can still use the Find My Mobile service. Any functions you have enabled will run normally once your device connects to a network.

Troubleshooting FAQ's

  1. I'm locked out of my phone, is there a way to unlock it?
    • If you have forgotten the details of your lock screen settings, such as your PIN or pattern, you can reset it by enabling the Unlock my device function via the Find My Mobile service.

  2. I used the Lock my device feature, can I unlock my device without my PIN?
    • If you have forgotten your PIN code used to lock your device from the Find My Mobile web page, please apply the "Lock my device" feature again, set up a new PIN code, and give the command to lock your screen again. After the process is complete, please use this new PIN code to unlock your screen.

  3. None of the Find My Mobile functions are working.
    • The device must be connected to the network. Although the service can be enabled while the network connection is OFF, the selected functions will only work once the device is connected to a network.

  4. After reseting my device, the setup wizard is asking for my Samsung account information.
    • If you reset your device with Reactivation lock enabled, you will be asked to log into your Samsung account again by the Setup Wizard. This is the authentication procedure . Setup will discontinue if you fail to log in.

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