Test your ADT Devices

ADT Devices on table

You can never be too careful, especially when your family's safety depends on it. Therefore, you should test your ADT devices to check if they're working properly once in a while. For example, you should see if the water detector still reacts when it gets wet or if a motion detector can still sense movement.

Perform a Console Test

It is strongly recommended that you perform a weekly test of your ADT Security Hub, detectors, and alarms.

From the Home screen on your ADT Security Hub, select Settings. Enter the Master User Code, and then select WALK TEST. Select CONSOLE TEST, and follow the on-screen instructions. Press Home to exit Test Mode.

ADT Console Test

Check the Door and Window detectors

Once you’ve finished setting up your Door and Window detectors, you should perform a Walk Test to ensure that the detectors are installed and working correctly.

From the Home screen on your ADT Security Hub, select Settings. Enter the Master User Code, and then select WALK TEST. Select SENSORS TEST, and then follow the on-screen instructions. If a detector fails the Sensors Test, check that it's been installed correctly or visit SmartThings Support for assistance. Press Home to exit Test Mode.

ADT Door and Window Detectors

Test the Motion Detector

You can test the coverage of the ADT Motion Detector by pressing Walk Test on its side. For the next 10 minutes, the red LED will illuminate when it senses movement, allowing you to adjust the aim of the detector to cover the desired area.

You can also test your ADT Motion Detector by performing a Walk Test on the ADT Security Hub, walking through the detection field, and then checking its status on the ADT Security Hub panel.

ADT Motion Detector

Check the Water Leak Detector

You can test your ADT Water Leak Detector by placing a few drops of water on the metal contacts, and then checking its status in the SmartThings app.

If you have an ADT professional monitoring service, visit SmartThings Support to learn more about testing your ADT Water Leak Detector.

ADT Water leak detector

Run tests on the Smoke Alarm

Note: Your alarm should be cleaned at least once a year.

You should test the ADT Smoke Alarm right when you install it. After that, test it on a weekly basis. Before starting any of the below tests, make sure to place your ADT Security Hub in Walk Test Mode.

  • Alarm Operation Test: Press and hold the Test button on the alarm for a minimum of five seconds. The alarm will sound, and the red LED will blink. The ADT Security Hub will display an alert for the smoke alarm.

  • Direct Heat Test: Direct heat toward the alarm using a hair dryer. Be sure to hold the heat source about 12 inches away from the alarm to avoid damaging the plastic. The alarm will reset once it cools down.

  • Smoke Test: With caution, hold a match, canned smoke, or a smoldering stick near the alarm and gently blow smoke through the alarm until it goes off.

If the alarm fails to activate with any of these tests, clean it and repeat the tests. To clean your alarm, remove it from the mounting base. You can clean the interior by using a vacuum cleaner hose to blow or vacuum through the openings. The outside can be wiped with a dry cloth. After cleaning, reinstall and test your alarm as previously described.

If cleaning does not restore the alarm to normal operation, it should be replaced. Check the date when the alarm should be replaced, which is located on the sidewall of the alarm.

Check the Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Warning: This carbon monoxide alarm must be tested and maintained weekly. This device is designed to protect individuals from the acute effects of carbon monoxide exposure. It will not fully safeguard individuals with specific medical conditions. If in doubt, consult a medical practitioner. Individuals with medical problems may consider using warning devices which provide audible and visual signals for carbon monoxide concentrations under 30 ppm.

Test the ADT Carbon Monoxide Alarm weekly by pressing and holding TEST & HUSH for a few seconds while the ADT Security Hub is in Walk Test Mode. If the ADT Security Hub displays "Sensor was triggered," the test is successful.

Replace the alarm when the “Replace unit by date" has been reached. You can check the label on the side of the device.

Test the Keychain Remote

You can test your ADT Keychain Remote by performing a Walk Test on the ADT Security Hub. Press any button on the remote while within 15 feet of the ADT Security Hub, and then check its status on the touchscreen.

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