Set up and connect the ADT Door and Window Detector

A door detector attached to a door

For everybody, safety is a number-one priority. So thankfully, you've got the tools you need to protect your loved ones with the ADT Door and Window detectors. All you have to do is set up the sensors in the SmartThings app, and you will be ready to go. Now you can give potential intruders the boot and guard your home.

Connect the Door and Window Detectors

Note: There are two ADT Door and Window Detectors in the ADT Home Security System Starter Kit, and each one consists of two parts. Set up the detectors one at a time and do not remove the tabs marked “Pull This Tab” until instructed below.

Is that a shadowy figure lurking near your door? No need to panic, you have your door and window detectors set up. We’ll walk you through it right here.

  1. Take the first ADT Door and Window Detector to the door or window where you intend to mount it. Make sure the mounting location is within 350 feet of the ADT Security Hub.

  2. On your phone, navigate to and open the SmartThings app.

  3. Then, tap Menu (the three horizontal lines), and then tap the Location drop-down menu to find the ADT hub's location.

  4. Tap Add (the plus sign), and then tap Device.

  5. Under the By brand tab, tap ADT, and then tap ADT security devices.

    List of ADT security devices
  6. Select ADT Door and Window Detector from the list of devices.

  7. Use your phone’s camera to scan the keychain’s QR code, which is located on the back of the sensor. If the QR code isn’t working, tap ADD DEVICE BY CODE and enter the code manually. It can be found next to the QR code or in the user manual.

  8. Then, use the on-screen instructions to finish connecting the sensors to SmartThings.

Mount the Door and Window Detectors

Once the sensors are connected to SmartThings, you can mount them on a door or window. Remember, make sure the mounting location is within 350 feet of the ADT Security Hub.

Place both parts of the detector on your door or window as shown. For double doors, place the smaller part of the detector on the most-used door and the larger part on the least-used door. Make sure that the alignment marks on both parts of the detector match up and are facing each other. Also make sure that both parts of the detector are less than 0.5 inches apart when the door or window is closed.

A person mounting the door sensor on the wall

Make sure the detector is placed at the top of door or window frames to avoid accidental damage to the detector. Use the pre-applied adhesive tape to attach both parts of the detector to your door or window. All surfaces must be clean and dry. Place both parts of the detector correctly because the adhesive tape will be difficult to remove.

If you are having trouble aligning both parts of the detector properly, you may want to adjust the height of the magnet by squeezing the tabs on the side or by adding the supplied spacer.

To add the spacer:

  1. Insert the spacer pin into the magnet base slot.

  2. Slide the spacer forward to lock it onto the magnet.

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