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Complete Guide to the Note9 S Pen and Its Settings

Your new Note9 has tons of new features! Thanks to Bluetooth technology, you can now take pictures remotely using the S Pen. For remote command features to work, it's important to keep your S Pen paired and connected to your phone. Learn the signs that tell you when your S Pen isn't paired so you'll know when to reconnect it and keep getting the most out of your new phone.

The Air Command menu will still work when the S Pen is disconnected because that feature doesn't use Bluetooth. However, the remote control features will not work.

S Pen Settings Differences

Your Note9's S Pen has two main features: the Air Command menu and the new Remote Control features. Air Command lets you write on your screen and use classic Note features. The Remote Control features let you do cool, new things like take photos with the S Pen.   

S Pen Remote Settings

The Note9 S Pen is powered by Bluetooth, which lets you use Remote Control commands. To adjust these commands, open the Quick Settings panel by swiping down from the top of the screen. Swipe left, and then touch and hold the S Pen Remote icon.

The S Pen Remote settings page will appear. This is the hub for everything that involves Remote control commands. You can turn the remote feature on or off, check your battery life, reset your S Pen, and set up your desired commands.

Regular S Pen Settings

The normal S Pen settings are where you control everything else, such as Air Command settings and other S Pen features. To access these settings, take out your S Pen to open the Air Command menu, and then touch the Settings icon in the upper left corner.

Here, you can decide if the Air Command menu opens when you remove the S Pen, edit your S Pen app shortcuts, and turn the floating icon on or off. You can even set an alarm to go off if the S Pen wanders too far from the phone and have your phone display the last time your S Pen was detached. 

Touch About S Pen if you want to see the special S Pen apps. You can also update the S Pen apps from here, if needed.

How to Tell if the S Pen is Connected

The Note9's S Pen can interact with your phone from up to 30 feet away, but not if it isn't connected. Here are some tips so you’ll know right away whether your S Pen is connected or disconnected.

  • The Status Bar: The easiest way to tell if your S Pen is connected is to take it out. Yep, it's that easy. Take out your S Pen and look at the status bar at the top of your phone screen. When the S Pen is connected, a solid white S Pen icon displays in the status bar next to important information like your network status and time.

    If you see an S Pen icon with a line through it, the S Pen Remote feature is on, but the S Pen is not paired. Pop your pen back in and it will pair automatically. The same S Pen icon will flash as it connects and disappear once connected. 

  • The Air command icon: The Air command icon is the small circle with the S Pen icon in the middle. When the S Pen is connected and you are using an app with remote control features such as Camera or your web browser, the Air command icon will glow blue around its edges.

    When your S Pen is disconnected, the Air command icon will remain gray in apps with remote features. The icon will also appear gray if the current app doesn't support remote control features via the S Pen.

    Note: If you don't want the Floating Air Command icon on your screen, just touch and drag it to REMOVE at the top of the screen.

  • S Pen remote settings: Your S Pen’s current status displays in the S Pen remote settings. Open the Air command menu, touch the Settings icon, and then touch S Pen remote.

    If your S Pen is connected, “AVAILABLE” will display at the top of the page and the S Pen animation will glow blue. 

    If the pen is not paired, “DISCONNECTED” will display and the S Pen animation will appear gray.

  • Notifications panel: When the S Pen disconnects from your phone, you will receive a notification that says “Connect your S pen.”

Why Your S Pen May Disconnect

When your S Pen disconnects from your phone, it's probably because the battery died or your S Pen is too far away. To charge or reconnect your S Pen, just insert it into your phone for 40 seconds. The S Pen will be instantly reconnected.

Your S Pen may disconnect for other reasons as well, like buying a new pen. Keep reading to learn what to do in different situations.

  • Replacement S Pen: If you bought a new S Pen, you'll need to disconnect your old one before pairing your new one. Open the Air command menu, touch the Settings icon, and then touch S Pen Remote. Touch More Options, and then touch Reset S Pen. While it's resetting, insert the new S Pen into your phone.

  • Using the wrong S Pen: Make sure you are using the correct S Pen. If you are using a Note8 S Pen, the Air command menu will work but remote commands will not.

  • The Remote control feature is off: Remote commands will not work if the Remote feature is turned off. Using two fingers, swipe down from the top of the screen to open the Quick settings panel and find the S Pen remote icon. If it is grayed out, the feature is off. Touch the icon to turn the remote feature on.

Why Your S Pen May Lag

If your S Pen lags, it is likely due to a low battery. To charge it, insert it into your phone for 40 seconds.

Being too far away or having obstructions between your phone and the S Pen can also cause lag. If this is the case, move the S Pen closer to your phone or remove the obstructions.

Read the information below to learn more about the S Pen's operational range:

  • Battery Life: Because it uses Bluetooth, your S Pen has a battery life of about 30 minutes, or 200 clicks. When your S Pen reaches 20% battery, you will receive a notification reminding you to charge it.

  • Distance: The S Pen has an operational range of   30 feet. If the S Pen is more than 30 feet away, it will disconnect from your phone.

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